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Move Demo Disc: What’s On It? |

The Move demo disc that comes with the controller includes 11 demos. From the looks of it, though, it’s only included with the system bundle and full bundle (but there will, apparently, be Move demos available on the Store as well). You can even install the demos onto the HDD from the disc as well, so you can, then, lend it to someone else who may not have gotten them. As far as what’s included, here’s the list:

  • Beat Sketcher
  • echochrome ii
  • EyePet
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • Sports Champions
  • Start the Party!
  • The Shoot
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm
  • Tumble
  • TV Superstars

Looks like a decent list of games to try out. Most of these are on the same disc mairondil told us about a week or so ago.

  • mulligank

    Great list. Really looking forward to playing these. I like the demo feature before u buy, might not like the game really helpful tool

  • Hopefully these will be on the PSN store soon, I wanna try out the EyePet & Time Crisis demos.

  • Not sure, I think they coming with MOVE. Don’t see why they would release it on the PSN since you can’t play them without a MOVE.

  • Luke: Not sure, I think they coming with MOVE. Don’t see why they would release it on the PSN since you can’t play them without a MOVE.  

    I have 2 Move controllers

  • I know that but they don’t. You get the disc when you buy the MOVE controllers, I just don’t see they going and putting them on the PSN when it already comes with the MOVE. Just because you got them on the Black Market doesn’t mean PSN is going to hook you up with the games on psn.

  • Jay

    he didnt get them on the black market. Sony themselves said that Move demos will be made available on the PSN for the people who only bought the controller, so they might wind up on there on next week’s update (the controller by itself does NOT come with the demo disc)

  • I think we see a demo psn!

  • Luke

    You guys are killing me. I know he didn’t get it from the black market. I am pretty sure he got it for the MOVE party he hosted. He had the cup holders and napkins for it. Just horsing around.

  • jacobfett

    Excited to try some of the demos, my dad already bought the eye pet for my sisters

  • Ya @jacobfett. the eye pet looks awesome even when you get to draw your toy you want to make for the pet.

  • I’ve been playing Sports Champions all night. I’ll post an article tomorrow, hopefully with some videos. I will say this:

    Sports Champions Gladiator Arena is what every single Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter/Tekken fighting type game wants to be when it grows up.

  • Must have ps move now!

  • sonyhardcoreFAN

    shame on you sony!!!
    what’s next, a 3DPSP? three years from now (as a REVOLUTIONary product).

    i’m a proud owner of a PS3 and i love it. but this is a chinese behavior from sony.

  • Jonaskin

    I’m very tempted to pick up a Move. Might grab one this weekend.