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Sony Shares PlayStation Stats to Mark the Occasion |

Yes, it was PlayStation’s 15th birthday yesterday, and apart from goodies on PSN, Sony also presented a few interesting PlayStation factoids. Based from surveys they conducted, they found that Kratos is their most popular first-party character, that 1 of 5 gamers have played for 10 hours straight, and that 7% won’t even date a non-gamer.
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Okay, so you’ve seen the stats, now let’s see where you stand!

  • Don’t use a Social.
    Not the Cell, but I’d give up the Data Plan.
    Not in a League.
    27 Games + GameFly + All my PS2 games.
    I’ve done 10 hours streight. Hell I got over 150 in Dragon Age.
    My vote would be Kratos. But Snake would be a close second.
    Just need Vanilla Coke and I’m good.
    My wife got me back into consule gaming.

  • Jay

    I could drop the social networking websites, even though I use FB a lot lol. Could care less if I didnt have a phone, and I have no interest in fantasy sports.

    I have a ton of games, definitely more than 20.

    I’ve done plenty of 10+ hour sessions.

    Tough one, there’s too many, but I would probably go with Jak and Daxter

    Dont eat snacks while I play all that much. When I do, it’s usually just candy

    all I can say is that I would be in that 40%

  • I’d fall into the 3-5 hour category. I happen to like Nariko over Kratos as the most popular 1st party character.

  • I use a number of socials stuff Ps home, forums,pwned,playfire and of course Facebook i find that there can be helpful but there are also very good at wasting my time. I could’t give up my cell i really do need it sports and fitness is as important to me as my ps3 so i won;t want to give that up.

    I differently have over 20 games it is somewhere in the 30’s area

    I have done an all nighter a couple of times!

    From thoses choices i would of picked sackboy

    I eat ramdom stuff biscutis, sandwiches,fruit etc

    I won’t shut my girlfriend out becuase i want to play the playstation, but she has to let me have my play-time :>

  • Wow already. ive only had the 2nd and 3rd PS. time can fly:]

  • Kratos is the best…
    I definitely played well over 10 hours…
    My wife knows not to mess with me when I’m gaming or I will mess with her when she’s doing something important!
    I should have over 50 games, but if a game really doesn’t have replay value I sell or trade it in for the next one…
    I love fantasy sports but I NEED GAMING MORE!

  • EdEN

    Happy anniversary for the PSX. Now it’s time for Sony to LOWER price on PSX classics on PSN for a limited time to celebrate this.

  • Happy Belated B-Day Playstation.

    I would def. give up all 3 of those time wasters if I had to give up video games instead.

    I own exactly double digits (10) in ps3 games currently. Though I’ve rented plenty.

    I don’t think I’ve ever played a game less than 10 hours straight. Ok I kid but I’ve played a few ps3 games for more than that.

    I’m a fan of Jak but Kratos is the man and far more extreme I will give him that.

    My snack intake depends on my stress level on that day. I’m a stress-eater.

    I’ve never been in a relationship where my girlfriend was unhappy with my gaming so I can’t tell you if I’d be able to handle it or not.

  • Jonaskin

    I first got a PSX in 1996 after many fond years with the Sega Megadrive. It’s a tough call to pick between those two for my favourite console of all time. The PS2 and PS3 have been amazing, but there was just something magic about the PSX.

    Oh and it’s a pretty tough call between Kratos and Nathan Drake. Snake doesn’t count IMO as he’s not first party. Sucks they lost Crash as a first party mascot all those years ago, the Crash games on the PSX were legendary.