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Battle vs Chess Coming to PS3 Sep 28th |

How do you take a game that has been around for over 1000 years and improve it? Well, you take it and give it to TopWare Interactive to develop and let SouthPeak publish it. Battle vs. Chess is their result, and is coming Sep. 28 to the PS3 for $39.99.

Read about the many exciting game modes after the jump.

Battle vs Chess takes renowned chess software Fritz11! and mixes it with fully animated game pieces playable in eight different fantasy game environments. There are “10 distinct levels of difficulty and leader-board rankings which rate players using the same system as real-world official chess rankings.” Classic mode allows you to play a normal game of chess against AI, or go head to head against other players in local or on-line matches. For the beginner, there is an interactive tutorial that helps you turn by turn and even shows you the available moves for each piece.

There are also a some new and interesting modes incorporated into Battle vs Chess. “Puzzle” mode gives the player a board with a limited amount of moves to win a with a certain layout of the pieces. “Mana” mode, the only single player only mode, gives you only a queen and the task of collecting as many crystals as possible in a certain number of moves. “Madness” mode randomly places pieces on the the board and “Tactic” mode allows the player to place his pieces where he chooses, only revealing them to the enemy (other player) once the game has begun. The pieces themselves can also become random or chosen, based on a point value per piece. This gives a whole new twist to the game, allowing for many, many different strategies and new ways to play.

The death-match “Battle Modes”, can also change the game completely. In Battle mode, the pieces don’t just replace the piece in the square they advance on, but instead engage in combat. The victor is based on a number of things, including their weapon, fighting techniques, strength, and remaining health. Buttons are pressed following patterns displayed on screen, allowing for a gaming skill aspect to possibly beat a more advanced strategist.

As a fan of chess, I am higly anticipating enjoying these new game play modes and will definitely be getting Battle vs Chess.

  • Eddie

    game looks great….looks kind of like Paul Richards art from Darksiders. But not $40 great.

  • Luke

    I loved the old school game called Battle Chess. This hits home, going to have to school some kiddies once this comes out.

  • I think the price for this game is steep…This game should be on PS+, seems like they only give us old content.

  • Yeah, chess games just don’t sell well. Most people would rather either play on a real board or play online and for free. Also, slightly odd to make this disc-based. I can see this sort of thing working out much better as much cheaper DLC, as “board games” typically tend to be (think Catan, Uno, Mahjong, Age of Booty, etc.). The artwork does look cool!

  • its like harry potter chess but better :] I cant wait to play it!!!!

  • i love me some chess, but i agree this should be a PSN game.

  • Someone liked Wizard’s Chess! I’m sufficiently intrigued.

  • Andy

    I too remember the old Battle Chess and Chess Master 2000 series of games, I enjoyed them a lot, not sure I’d spend $40 on this…and agree with the other that a download only option would be better.

  • PSN DL would have probably been better.. Most likely this will be 19.99 before too long

  • mulligank

    Looks like an awesome game, id pay 19.99 for it anything more would be to much

  • Jay

    I think even $20 would be a bit much. $15 would be my limit

  • Battlechess 2000 was awesome, if only I could play chess properly

  • Oly

    Everyone has their own limit.. lol id love a demo to see if id really play it like I think I would lol

  • dionmarinos

    Finally a decent chess game for a home console!!
    only real chess players will be able to appreciate the grand master lvl of play that the fritz 11 engine will putout