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More Playstation Move Goodness Coming |

With Playstation Move’s release right around the corner, it’s not to see all of the games that are going to support it on or sometime after it’s release. Take for example a game like NBA 2K11, now this isn’t anything new, sports games have been around for a long time now. Yes the games have gotten better and better over the years because of tweaks here and there but we still mainly sit down while playing them. That’s all about to change with NBA 2K11 which has MOVE support.

Slam Dunk Contest with PlayStation Move

Mark Horsley, Gameplay Engineer, NBA 2K11:
It was critical for us to showcase the full range of abilities of the PlayStation Move motion controller, so we started with the Slam Dunk Contest. The dunk contest input interface was significantly revamped for PlayStation Move, allowing the ability to pull off dunks much easier than in years past. When you get your hands on this mode with the PlayStation Move, start by pulling and holding the T button to pick up a ball from the ball rack. As your player runs towards the basket, start the gestures for the dunk you wish to perform. For analog-stick-based controllers, the input is done by twirling the stick. The stick commands translated naturally to gestures using the Move controller. A counter-clockwise circle on the stick translates to moving your hand in a counter-clockwise circle, and similarly translates for other commands. By completing a gesture while running towards the basket, and then quickly completing another gesture prior to takeoff, you choose which dunk you wish to perform. To complete the dunk, simply release the T button to time the release of the ball. Props are placed on the court by pressing the Triangle button on the Move controller, just like in years past with the standard controllers.

Gameplay with PlayStation Move
With the T button pulled, flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Smart Dunk
  • Right = Power Dunk
  • Left = Flashy Dunk
  • Down = Reverse Dunk
  • Without pulling the T button, flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Smart Layup
  • Right = Hop Step Layup Right
  • Left = Hop Step Layup Left
  • Down = Spin Layup
  • For Passing, we wanted to make sure the gesture was as intuitive as possible for the sophistication of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Pressing the large Move button, in conjunction with pressing the left stick in the direction of the intended receiver, will result in a quick pass. Holding both L2 and the T button while passing will throw a devastating alley-oop pass. You will find that passing is quick and accurate with this method.

    So remember if you want to play this game with the MOVE you should also have a Navigation controller. I don’t see this being easy playing with the MOVE and holding a Dual Shock in the other hand trying to hit the L2. Is it impossible? Of course not but if I am supposed to go through all that hassle I would just rather play the game with the Dual Shock.

    Dribbling using the PlayStation Move
    While dribbling towards the basket, hold L2 and Flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Behind-the-back dribble move
  • Right = Crossover if ball is in right hand, an In-n-Out Move if ball is in left hand
  • Left = Crossover if ball is in left hand, an In-n-Out Move if ball is in right hand
  • Down = Stepback
  • PlayStation Move defensive controls
    While on defense…

  • Flick the PlayStation Move up for a block
  • Flick it right/left for a steal
  • Hitting the MOVE button will swap players and hitting the Circle button will setup a pick: it’s easy to access but not something that you’ll press by accident, so the team thinks the location of the button will work well when playing the game. Seems like this is going to be something great for fans, and I bet being able to play as none other but Michael Jordan himself, is just going to be even better.

    • Looks like a very good use of move. Would be interested to see what other sports they can use but I guess basketball is a good one as it uses hands.

      Would be cool to see videos of someone playing the game using the move controllers.

    • Yeah I was looking for something that would show us how they play the game and maybe talk about how it feels.

      Was thinking how cool it would be if they integrated this into hockey but then you’d need some kind of an attachment which could get hairy. They can probably incorporate this into some kind of a baseball game fairly easily.

    • I guess use of Move would be more gesture based than 1:1 translation of taking shots.

    • Wow those graphics are amazing!!!!!

    • Theres no way I will be playing NBA 2k11 with a move controller…

    • They should do baseball… need to wait tail next season…

    • i love 2k. they do everything ps move 3d their the best. plus you can sit down a play with the move jake im with you on that note cant wait for the show or maybe 2k baseball

    • I thought that was actually Jordan at first.. wow!! I think the move for this type of game would work fairly well

    • Luke

      Oly that is M Jordan. You can actually play him in this game.

      On a side note I am sure they are working on Baseball with Move support next.

    • mulligank

      I would play hockey for sure, most underrated sports game ever. On games and real life. Not huge B Ball fan but I’d like to try move on it

    • Im not a big sports video game fan but I would love to try it out with the Move. It seems like it could be alot of fun.