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Early X-mas Present? |

For those of you interested in the PS3 and the MOVE might want to look into this. Yes, this looks some what expensive since it’s $599 + $16.72 for shipping & handling, but if you really think about everything that you are getting, it’s really not that much. Remember the PS3 when it first released was $600 alone. QVC is running this for TODAY ONLY so if you are thinking of getting it as a present act quick.

It’s pretty wild with all of the things it includes, I wasn’t even aware a bunch of this stuff was out there. Check out the Bow, Table Paddles, Frizbee, and Sword/Shield to help you with the MOVE games.

  • derrickgott007

    Look at the stupid attachments.. Is that a shovel attachment? HAHAHAHAHA

  • Not sure but Jimmy thought the jellies were condoms

  • When the PS3 first came out I was working at Blockbuster and they had the 600 dollar bundle pack that came with the backwards compatible PS3, 6 Blu Ray movies, a controller, a remote control, Motor Storm and an HDMI cable. This Bundle is def. worth the money.

  • It’s good to see that the Move is getting all of the useless add ons that the Wii has.

  • Looks great…PS MOVE is gonna be the end of the Wii.

  • EdEN

    Move and Kinect WILL sell… just not as much as Sony and Microsoft initally wanted them to. The Wiimote is standard and thus is in the home of over 70m users worldwide and this developing games specifically for Kinect and Move is a risky move for developers, specially after the first 6 month “launch window”.

  • All that for the price of the original 60 gb PS3 when it first went on sale. Not too bad I think.

  • mulligank

    This is a great bundle for those who don’t have a ps3. Do that have a. Bundle like this with just the move and the extra goodies.

  • J-MOS:

    Looks great…PS MOVE is gonna be the end of the Wii.  


    doubt it.. until they get 4 player at the same time capability

  • I dont think it is good deal… PS3 320GB move bundle is $399. Is the extra 3 games + a bunch of plastic worth $200??

  • genbatzu

    yeah, most of this plastic is useless… not worth it :/

  • derrickgott007

    Oly, it can track 4 glowing orbs at once.

  • Kicks

    A friend of mine was eying this because his 60gb launch unit died on him

  • jacobfett

    wow comes with a lot

  • Luke

    I’m sure you dad would get you all that stuff Jacobfett