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Move Sold Out In Germany |

According to one German website, Sony’s PlayStation Move seems to be in high demand. Preorders for the  peripheral quickly sold out at, one of the biggest retailers in the country. Sony had previously stated that they weren’t expecting much in the way of huge day one sales numbers for the PlayStation Move so perhaps they’ve underestimated the demand for it and may have undershipped it in this case.

  • Hope they do this right, not like what happened around X-mas when everyone was buying the Xbox because they couldn’t find the freaking PS3.

  • Wow, should I order one now on amazon, and sell for higher price later. 😀

  • AvtomatK47

    Wow, is all i can say about this, Sony always seems to be overly cautious with how they market their products, always prefering to be overly understocked instead of being a bit over stocked. I can understand this though especially since i honestly didn’t think that the move would do this well despite how good i thought the product was. It’s been selling like crack where I am, it was sold out all week in all the major video game retailers in my entire city until they restocked 2 days ago, i checked their stock online just yesterday and now their sold out in my city and just about every other city within 100 km. I’d say its about time for sony to put more faith in their products and keep the momentum going if they want move to keep competing.