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PS3 Release Calendar: UK + Canada |

Wow, thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the US PS3 release calendar!

In addition to the US version (iCal and web), I added two more for other locales.

Canada Version

(iCal and web):

UK Version

(iCal and web):

Amazon also supports France, Germany, and Japan, but the Amazon API doesn’t support Australia or any others.

BTW, I would’ve also liked to add Amazon links and images (in the event details area) to the Google calendar, but AFAIK, Google’s calendar API doesn’t support that, so for now, it’s just title and date.

  • Nice update darrin,

    You should be able to link to the amazon article (using the ps3blog reference code in the url) in the event details. Then people can order it straight away from amazon (if they feel like it of course)

    If it’s not in the API then that’s a definite missed opportunity. But afaik if you can do it manually, the API should allow you to do it programatically too…

    Will search the web to find out

  • Awesome work Darrin! I added these to the Calendar page as well 🙂

  • Jay

    Australia doesn’t have Amazon, so that’s not a surprise. Don’t know why, though.

  • It says “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.”

  • Jay

    yeah, it got messed up for now. Darrin and Tosh are working on fixing it lol

  • Darrin

    Yes, the Canada calendar got messed up somehow (I don’t think that was me)… I will reload it later tonight…

  • Darrin

    The Canada calendar was mistakenly deleted. Just created a new one…

  • Grondinm

    good stuff. Any chance that a PSP calendar exists for canada?