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Sports Champions: Archery Video |

Well two days to go for some PlayStation Move goodness and it seems like SONY is heating things up down the final stretch. Today, they released a video which shows a bunch of different things in which you can expect from Sports Champions Archery.

Tomorrow get your Gladiator Dual on!

  • This is one of the games that really help understand how diffrent the Move was from the Wiimote when the Move was shown for the first time.

    I’m looking forward to playing this on day one.

  • Please note that the in-game videos are 60fps, that’s why they look sweeter. Too much fps talking I did today, forgive me.. (My laptop couldn’t keep up with it in full screen, tho)

  • Jay

    This looks really good compared to the Wii’s version (which is fun, too, but way too jittery)

  • This game looks boring to me…but I’ll see for myself when I get my hands on it…

  • EdEN

    Wait, I need TWO move controllers if I ever want to platinum the game?

  • Oly

    U need to Moves to be cool and get the full experience.. lol.
    I can’t wait to play this Friday night… Move party at my house.. who’s coming?

  • So, PS3 does support 4 move controller…