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The Weekly Recap (September 5th-11th) |

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Last week Eddie spammed dominated the QuickNews section, but I took the other three :P. With that said, it was a somewhat busy week. Vnqshr, one of our new members, has submitted a couple articles himself. It’s always nice to see new writers contribute to the site.

Anyway, this week’s highlights include GT5’s car damage being shown off a Best Buy demo kiosk, there’s a bunch of Move stuff, including a massive FAQ by Sony. Wal Mart had supposedly put up a Ico/Shadow of the Colossus game collection, but there was no official word on it. A new firmware was released that directly affected Jailbreak users (and soon after, Sony also cut off the proxy bypass that allowed users to connect to PSN with the older firmware).

We got to see some gameplay from the new co-op Ratchet and Clank game, and it looks like it would be pretty fun. Flight Control HD will be hitting everywhere but North America (which sucks). There are a couple cool trailers for InFAMOUS 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 to check out as well. And a new Kevin Butler ad has been released as well.

Plus, don’t forget to cast your votes in Darrin’s form. It would be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

[tab:Community News]

It doesn’t appear there are any new features shown last week. This week, though, we have a new Calendar on the Calendar page, which shows new releases for the UK, Canada and the US< as well as gaming/PS3 events and PS3Blog events as well. Everything is color coded, so knowing which posting is for what category will be easy to figure out. Activity has also picked up quite a bit. Be sure to check the forums as well. Always some interesting stuff in there. If its your first time posting, your posts will need approved until either Tosh, Luke or I approve at least one, but we usually don't take too long with that ;). As for a few other things, we had a few point abusers and a cheater, but they have been dealt with. Point abusers will not be tolerated, so keep that in mind. Oh, and if you missed it, last week was also a double points week, but we occasionally have them every now and then. It’s always a good idea to come around and check us out!

We’re still waiting for us to hit the 1000 mark on our facebook page in order to have our move giveaway! Remember, invite friends and family to the page. It would be very cool if they happen to be gamers, too!

And finally, congratulations to wonderhoss for winning the caption contest!

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[tab:Gaming News]

GT5’s Damage Model Spotted. Dynamic?
Jay – September 5th

Massive PlayStation Move FAQ
Tosh – September 7th

EA Sports MMA Demo Coming Sep. 28 to the PSN
Oly – September 7th

Swords and Soldiers Early Access for PS+ Subscribers
Oly – September 9th

More Little Big Planet 2 Beta Details
Sakinah – September 9th

PlayStation Plus Additions 9/21
Eddie – September 9th

Walmart Lists Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Sakinah – September 11th

More Playstation Move Goodness Coming
Luke – September 11th

Jailbreak Users Living in Fear?
Madagasca – September 6th

Demon’s Souls Guide
Darrin – September 9th

August 2010 Sales
Darrin – September 9th

PS3 Release Calendar
Darrin – September 11th

R&C: All 4 One Gameplay and Developer Commentary
Jay – September 10th

Sony Shares PlayStation Stats to Mark the Occasion
Ace – September 10th

Move Demo Disc: What’s On It?
Jay – September 10th

Firmware 3.42 Out – Jailbreaks Blocked
Jay – September 6th

More Uncharted 2 DLC Coming?
Vnqshr – September 8th

Get Ready for the Swarmites Invasion
Luke – September 6th

Dungeon Hunter Remake Coming to PSN!
Eddie – September 8th

Get Fit with Mel B, Exclusively for the Playstation Move
Luke – September 10th

Battle vs Chess Coming to PS3 Sep 28th
Oly – September 11th

Welcome Bastion
Luke – September 11th

Infamous 2 PAX Trailer!
Eddie – September 5th

Under Siege Move Support Video
Luke – September 6th

MW2 YouTube Videos
Blackstaffer – September 8th

Another Kevin Butler Move Ad!
Jay – September 9th

New Marvel vs Capcom 3 Cinematic
Vnqshr – September 9th

The Adventures of SACKZAN!
Sakinah – September 10th

Flight Control HD Move Gameplay
Jay – September 10th

PlayStation Move Info Site | Yay Buttons | Sensitive Fireman
Tosh – September 7th

Predict the Future! Input Paradigm Poll!
Darrin – September 9th


Rumor: Sony to Combat PSJailbreak by Removing Dev/Debug Modes on New PS3’s
Eddie – September 5th

Pre-Order Dead Space 2 and Get the Prequel “Dead Space: Ignition” Free!
Eddie – September 5th

Sony Unveils “Tokyo Jungle” for the PS3
Eddie – September 5th

DC Universe Online Beta
Eddie – September 5th

COD Black Ops Signs On Ed Harris and Gary Oldman to Lend their Voices (Bonus: David Goyer Helping With Story)
Eddie – September 7th

Telltale Adventure Bundle: Now with more Puzzle Agent!
EdEN – September 7th

“Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 – Duodecim” Announced for PSP
Eddie – September 8th

Sony Confirms “The Last Guardian” Presentation at TGS
Eddie – September 8th

Crazy about Move? Have I got a site for you…
EdEN – September 8th

Little Big Planet 2 Beta Invites Sent Out
Sakinah – September 8th

New Concept Art and Wallpapers for Dragon Age 2
Oly – September 9th

Dead Rising 2 Event In LA Tomorrow Night
Oly – September 9th

Proxy/DNS Bypass Bypassed by Sony (Logan 5 Tool, etc) for Jailbreak and PSN Access
Eddie – September 10th

[tab:Play With Us]

We don’t have anything planned, but we sometimes to an impromptu game night. The other day, Luke, Adam T and I played some Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Since we all got on at different times, only Luke and I managed to get on the same team/squad. Adam T was on the other team, and owned us a couple times, but Luke and I dominated.

Both of us were engineers, and we took a tank and got kills left and right. Best squad multiples times, but I always outscored Luke :P. It was a lot of fun, though. If you guys want to have a more organized game night, be sure to let people know via the forums, or even the game night group!

[tab:Thank You]

Thanks for reading everybody! Sorry for getting this up on a Tuesday morning as opposed to a Saturday night, but I have a lot going on right now.

  • I actually didn’t turn off double points until today, lol. I forgot about it, so enjoy the extra points 😉