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EA’s “Shadows of the DAMNED” Debut Trailer |

A new horror game from the minds of Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Suda 51 (No More Heroes) brings forth a game that resembles Devil May Cry meets Resident Evil. They are calling it a “psychological action thriller” that contains a “punk-rock style” but is still very much a “horror” at its core. The game stars a character named Garcia who must travel into the pits of hell to save his girl Paula. Expected to release in 2011.



  1. Not a fan of Grasshopper or Suda 51. The whole No More Heroes thing looked corny to me. I’ll keep my eye on this though.

  2. SOLD!

    @Eddie: You can get both No More Heroes games for $20 each and you should definitely give them a shot.

    They had my purchase but once Akira Yamaoka’s name popped up it was even better.

  3. they are far too campy for my liking. They look neat, but not my style.

  4. “My name is Garcia , You killed my father! Prepair to die!”

    Looks to have some potential

  5. “My name is Garcia. I’m cross-eyed and can’t see straight!”

  6. Devil may Cry wants its game back lol….

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