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Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry Reboot Trailer |

A lot of people hate the new look of Dante, me included. The reboot of the series would have been fine if Dante’s appearance hadn’t changed. I have no idea why Ninja Theory went with that look. Anyway, with those complaints out of the way, the game does look like it might be fun, but I don’t think it’s going to top the original series at all.

This trailer will be shown at Tokyo Game Show, which starts tomorrow.

  • Eddie

    speaking as someone who never liked DMC…I kind of like the new art style.

  • Oly

    Oh Dante!!!! Oh Bella!!! … I love you..

    Team Dante!

  • EdEN

    Had fun with DM 1-4 so I’m looking forward to how this reboot with rework the franchise.

  • Kicks

    Well, I liked the last DMC (never played the previous ones) and I enjoyed Heavenly Sword
    I’ll check this one out

  • wow i really like the look of this for some reason

  • Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Who’s idea was it to turn Dante into a skinny, hipster looking drug addict????????

  • WTF happened to dante? Why didnt they name this game something else?…oh wait this is capcom, sigh

  • I haven’t play DMC since #1 so I’m not sure of the story, but with the psycho ward it looks like a guy who might think he is Dante, but again I don’t know the story. The art looks cool other than Dante.

  • derrickgott007

    Booooo! More invisible hallways…. I hate japanese designed games. Oh look it’s 2010 and I still get herded down invisible hallways in games oh joy!

  • I don’t mind a new look for a reboot. If it was a sequel, that’s a different story…*cough* inFamous 2 *cough*

  • Jonaskin

    The game itself looks fantastic. I only played the first DMC and the demo of DMC4, and I agree – that is NOT Dante (or at least it shouldn’t be!) so I have no idea why they didn’t just decide to start a brand new IP with this game?

  • Paid for by the Japanese Tobacco Industries.

    Oh, btw, this may well not be Dante, but someone who thinks he is dante. That’s the best explanation.

  • Emrah:

    Paid for by the Japanese Tobacco Industries.

    Oh, btw, this may well not be Dante, but someone who thinks he is dante. That’s the best explanation.  


    Still have to play as the new Twilight reject. No thanks. I tolerated that in DMC 4 not gonna pay money for another botched attempt of making DMC appeal to the west again.

  • Wow and I thought that the new design for Cole was bad….

  • Jay

    I thought DMC4 was OK, but I still prefer the first, and then third.

  • Cub

    I’m two minds about it… I really like the art direction in general and the new more urban look… but I have a hard time swallowing this new skinny Dante… if at least he would keep the white hair maybe… Or even better, don’t call it Dante make a new character out of him

  • Zulbag

    Anyone noticed how the top of his hair is white? Maybe his hair TURNS white?
    He’s skinny, in a youth offender rehabilitation programme, hasn’t got The Rebellion and looks like an angry teenager. This might be a DMC set before all the previous ones than a complete reboot. Sparda and Vergil could be appearing in this one.