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Sony Patents PS2 Backwards Compatibility Adaptor for PS3 |

A recent patent by Sony shows an adapter that most likely hooks up to the gigabit network port of the PS3 that would allow for backwards compatibility. The adapter is basically a PS2 with no optical drive or controller ports.

You can read the full story here

  • Lan

    I heard about this yesterday. Yes i’m sure many people still have a ps2, but it would be nice to be able to play them with that nice wireless controller; or even play those online games the ps2 had.

  • Eddie

    my ps2 is in my sons room. It still works and its an OG one at that. I never really played many PS2 games on my 60 gig PS3 and don’t miss the BC at all since it YLOD and had to get a slim.

  • Darrin

    BC was really important in 2006-2007, but by now, I have zero interest in playing old PS2 discs.

    I’d still like a few more PS2 remastered collection discs like Jak & Daxter, MGS, and GTA.

  • Sweet !!
    I would buy for sure !

  • Jay

    Will this ever go into production, though? I’m sure there are a bunch of folks who would get it, but I don’t know if the demand would outweigh the cost.

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