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BFBC2: Vietnam Trailer Courtesy of TGS |

The trailer doesn’t really show any game play footage, it’s more like a teaser if you ask me, but it’s still kind of nice to see the game coming closer to its release. The game is going to include 4 new mulitplayer maps based on the actual Vietnam War. It’s also going to bring a new gameplay experience with new visuals, including foxholes, tunnels and dense jungles to sneak up on your enemies. The game is also going to include 15 Veitnam-era weapons and 6 vehicles so that you can relive the moment.

The audio team at DICE has also recorded all new voice overs for both factions and gave it a rocking soundtrack. If there is more music in the game like say, in the trailer, than I am all for it. Talk about getting the Vietnam War experience.



  1. I can’t wait for you and I to dominate those maps, too lol.

    Given that, I would have hoped for a standalone game, though. With a full single player campaign as well, and more than 4 maps. IDK if anyone played Battlefield 1942 back in the day, but the coolest mod outside of Forgotten Hope was Eve of Destruction (which was a Vietnam mod; since 1942 didn’t have helis, they managed to get the plane physics to work for them, and they worked very well). I LOVED that mod. And it probably had about 10 maps or so.

  2. I must have missed that one, but I do really enjoy BFBC 2

  3. I like the subtle Coppola reference when the jets napalm the treeline. Is it possible to “do” the Vietnam War today without citing Apocalypse Now? Is it possible to do a mob story without reference to the Godfather? Coppola’s far from my favorite director, but I must say that he’s had a more profound impact on our (filmic) cultural experience than anyone since Welles.

  4. love the music, hope the game has some of those “stroll thru the field” moments before all hell breaks loose.. guess that won’t happen since it’s a MP addon right?

    maybe if we play together, you guys can let me wander around for bit 😉

  5. this plus the ultimate edition of BFBC2 is enough to get me excited

  6. And I just parted with my copy of bfbc2 🙁

  7. Man I still need to buy BFBC2, im’m On the slacking page this year

  8. This game is in my PS3 the most out of all the games I have.

  9. tony solo

    bbc2 is the best fpshooter ever so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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