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Dead Space Extraction Gets Trophies and Move Support |

The PS3 version of Dead Space Extraction, which will come packaged with the limited edition of Dead Space 2, will have trophies and Move support. The Move controls will be very similar to the Wii version as well. Dead Space 2 hits store shelves on January 25th.

  • EdEN

    Loved the Wii version and if it’s included in the collector’s edition, then that is the version I’ll get. Extra trophies and controls similar to the Wii edition are the best way to go.

  • Kicks

    It is a free upgrade for pre-orders according to this years e3

  • I am unholy amounts of excited for this. Dead Space is easily my favorite game of this generation, and the second was already a must-purchase for me. Now that Extraction is coming with it (a game I couldn’t play since I don’t own a Wii), I am more hyped than I have been for a videogame. I am looking forward to owning all three Dead Space games in stunning HD soon. January needs to hurry hurry burry!