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MGS Rising TGS Tech Demo |

A look at how the sword mechanics work in the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid Rising. Plenty of bowling pin and watermelon cutting to be seen along with a cameo from a certain MGS4 character. The sword play still looks as amazing as first revealed, looking forward to seeing the sword be implemented into the full game. There has been no mention of move integration yet and it still has no scheduled release date.

  • LOL @ last part

  • This with move support.. would be yummy 🙂

  • Jay

    I know, this game screams Move support.

  • They would be foolish not to have Move support. I’ll be picking the game up regardless though.

  • This is amazing tech. The modelers and texture artists migh have had nightmares, modeling and texturing inside of objects.

  • Sinlock

    It would be really cool if they have the time to add Trophy support. 😛

  • Kojima was thinking of adding trophy support to mgs4 so surely they’ll have it in Rising

  • I feel like a broken record here; Trophies are mandatory for all PS3 games, MGS Rising has to have trophies to be released on PS3, the same for Xbox with achievements so rest easy MGSR will have trophies. MGS is a different case as it was released before they were mandatory. for the latest on MGS4 see;

  • Saw this at E3 too. This needs Move support.