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Ni no Kuni TGS Trailer |

Japanese developer “Level-5” and animation studio “Studio Ghibli” bring us “Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joo” which literally translates to “Second Land: the Queen of the White Sacred Ash”.

The general plot is you play as 13 year old Oliver whose mother Arie dies suddenly. A doll previously given to Oliver by his mother reveals itself to be a male fairy named Shizuku, who gives Oliver a magic book that allows him to go to the world of “ninokuni” where the fairy states the boy may be able to revive his mother. There he encounters alternate versions of people he knows.

  • Love the style of this game.

  • Legion213

    The game looks pretty neat. Any news on if it will be coming to the US?

  • EdEN

    I’ll definitely get both the DS and the PS3 versions of the game since the DS one uses full on animation and the PS3 reproduces that in-engine and gives a different experience. Guess it will be 2011 before either one is released over here.

  • Anything Studio Ghibli is a forsure buy for me. This game looks like a movie. I will def get this if it hits the states

  • mez

    If this hits Europe, I will definitely purchase it for my minuscule PS3 collection

  • It looks a little like Rogue Galaxy (also from Level-5).