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Playstation 3 Trophies |

Ok there seems to be some confusion in the comments here regarding trophies so let me clear it up, it is mandatory for all new releases on PS3 to include trophies much like it is on Xbox with achievements. Here is a quote from when the story broke almost 2 years ago now;

a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson confirmed that this information is accurate, stating: “Yes from Jan 09 all games must have trophies.”

Only games released before January 2009 don’t have trophies, of course some like Uncharted and Super Stardust were patched to include them but this has not been the case with many other titles, particularly MGS4. So there you have it, any new release will have trophies, including PSN only titles and platinum trophies can only be obtained in full retail games. If you need some help hunting them down try out for some advice and the forums for help.

PS3 Trophies to be mandatory from January 2009 [Video Gamer]

  • Who’s confused about this Trev?

  • Oly

    You are Luke… You think you know, but u dont!

  • Damnit how are you people on to me? I was trying to see if he knew it was me.

  • Trophies has really brought new life to most PS3 games, though I don’t really agree with “trophy whores”

  • I get to make the game longer or just do them here and there to explore after I neat the game, but in no way am I a trophy whore. I should really go get a crap load of trophies. Been so busy with all the games that I haven’t played some of these games enough.

  • dave

    I love the trophies for games, but I cant and will not play games to get everyone to get the platnum, its to much time and lots of headaches for me, but I could get one platnum with dirt 2 lol if their dumb online play works for the game, but I have tried and tried and tried nothing lol

  • L/L

    I think it was a question as to whether there would be trophies in MGS Rising posed by Sinlock. Thanks for educating us Trev. I wasn’t aware of it being mandatory.

  • I thought Sinlock was joking, referencing KONAMI’s and Kojimasan’s laziness on bringing trophies to MGS4.

  • Bonus points for the pic of the Uncharted trophies!!

  • Andy

    Your link for is broken.

  • They need more downloadable games with Platinums. I’m holding out for Sonic adventure @[email protected]

  • L/L:

    I think it was a question as to whether there would be trophies in MGS Rising posed by Sinlock. Thanks for educating us Trev. I wasn’t aware of it being mandatory.  


    Yes that was what my refrence was about.
    Everyone knows that PS3 games must now have trophys 😀

    Even though I now have 1125, I try to get every one I can in a game before moving on to a new game.
    Unlike my nemesis Treloth! Who just plays an hour of a game and never touches it again. 🙁 Wish I had his kind of cash. (Or job at blockbuster?)

  • This post wasn’t directed at one particular person, rather its a general post as I felt some of the community didn’t understand how trophies worked and wanted to clear it up instead of writing multiple comments.

    The link works fine for me on Mac and PC, if you’re still having trouble try;

  • Lan

    I try and get trophies on a game; I mean i’m not going to play thgough it 5 times for a good side, evil side, good side on medium evil on hard and all hte other copies of this; but i’ll try and get as many of the little nodes hidden across a game I might come across

  • not a fan of plat trophies being gettable only after online trophies completed as I have found very few games i can be arsed to play online for any period of time, but then again i’m not after trophies but a good game experience.

  • My wife thinks I’m a loser cuz I like to trophy hunt anyone else’s girl think the same!?

  • Most of my friends call me a loser because I like to trophy hunt :p

  • @Skintrade online trophies can be terrible especially when people ruin matches trying to perform a particular feat.

    @ J-MOS if i had one i’m sure she’d think the same!

    @Ferginator88 they’re just jealous they haven’t got as many as you 😉

  • That isnt much of a shock really…I mean otherwise 360 counter parts would always be preferred.