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Playstation Move kills Mii |

Viral video I just saw on Twitter, thought I’d share it.

  • Oly

    We need one where the move men attack the Mii lol..
    great find

  • Kicks

    chrome to phone ftw

  • Haha nice

  • This is one of the coolest comercials I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Jonaskin

    That’s awesome. That needs to be an actual ad.

  • This is kinda epic XD

  • Someone should make flash game that kill Miis… haha

  • EdEN

    Well, once Move has sold 100 million units and is available with every PS3 out there we’ll talk about “killing Mii”.

  • Before anyone gets carried away, it’s not an official Sony ad… just some fan-made thing. Very professional, though.

  • man that title mislead me a bit…i was hoping SONY FINALLY took my idea of making our own PS avatars for gaming (much like miis and xbl avatars but better and with a xbox-like clothing store thing and ways to win some since we all know PSHOME is pretty much a drag)

  • Jay

    Wait, those aren’t Miis! They have limbs!

  • Awesome video, would be a great add

  • mez

    Sweet! And it paints the perfect picture! Move defeats the Wii! Apart from Games though.