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Playstation Move kills Mii |

Viral video I just saw on Twitter, thought I’d share it.


  1. We need one where the move men attack the Mii lol..
    great find

  2. chrome to phone ftw

  3. Haha nice

  4. This is one of the coolest comercials I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. Jonaskin

    That’s awesome. That needs to be an actual ad.

  6. This is kinda epic XD

  7. Someone should make flash game that kill Miis… haha

  8. Well, once Move has sold 100 million units and is available with every PS3 out there we’ll talk about “killing Mii”.

  9. Before anyone gets carried away, it’s not an official Sony ad… just some fan-made thing. Very professional, though.

  10. man that title mislead me a bit…i was hoping SONY FINALLY took my idea of making our own PS avatars for gaming (much like miis and xbl avatars but better and with a xbox-like clothing store thing and ways to win some since we all know PSHOME is pretty much a drag)

  11. Wait, those aren’t Miis! They have limbs!

  12. Awesome video, would be a great add

  13. Sweet! And it paints the perfect picture! Move defeats the Wii! Apart from Games though.

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