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Supermarket Giant Starts Move Price War |

Supermarket giants Tesco have started what we normally refer to as a price war.

With PlayStation Move launching tomorrow (17th Sept 2010) in the UK, Tesco Direct have set the price of their Starter Pack at an amazing £39.70. Why they couldn’t simply choose to round the total off to £39.99 – I can’t explain, but the price is something which will make many a PlayStation Mover’s mouth water.

If you’ve not yet bought your starter pack, then head over to Tesco Direct’s website now (link below) and grab yourself a bargain!

Tesco Direct – PlayStation Move Starter Pack

Even though aren’t considered to be a supermarket, they are (along with Amazon) offering the Navigation Controller for a nice £17.99 (links below) – PlayStation Move Navigation Controller – PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

P.s. The UK Move Starter Pack does not come with Sports Champions as illustrated in the image above.


  1. $67 before shipping, not too shabby
    probably an arm and a leg to get it to the states though 😉

  2. how much is it in regular price?

  3. It’s like ebay where the shipping comes out to be $30, I guess you still save $2

  4. doesn’t sound too good when a couple of dollars more lets me drive home with it in my arms instead of wondering when itll get home

  5. EB Games here in Australia have some pretty good prices, I paid $74 for the Starter Pack, $47 for a “nunchuck” and $67 for an extra Move controller.

  6. Doh, it wasn’t EB games it was JB Hi-Fi.

  7. Andy, I just checked JB online and it’s saying $94. You sure it was $76? And at JB? If so I might go pick it up asap! With Sports Champions.

  8. Yea, it is 76 dollars, but apparently those ones dont have sports champions..

  9. I will never take Tesco seriously when it comes to gaming. Never! Amazon and Play ftw! Although good to see Supermarkets (in the UK) having a lower price than the MRSP not just for CoD games…

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