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Supermarket Giant Starts Move Price War |

Supermarket giants Tesco have started what we normally refer to as a price war.

With PlayStation Move launching tomorrow (17th Sept 2010) in the UK, Tesco Direct have set the price of their Starter Pack at an amazing £39.70. Why they couldn’t simply choose to round the total off to £39.99 – I can’t explain, but the price is something which will make many a PlayStation Mover’s mouth water.

If you’ve not yet bought your starter pack, then head over to Tesco Direct’s website now (link below) and grab yourself a bargain!

Tesco Direct – PlayStation Move Starter Pack

Even though aren’t considered to be a supermarket, they are (along with Amazon) offering the Navigation Controller for a nice £17.99 (links below) – PlayStation Move Navigation Controller – PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

P.s. The UK Move Starter Pack does not come with Sports Champions as illustrated in the image above.

  • Kicks

    $67 before shipping, not too shabby
    probably an arm and a leg to get it to the states though 😉

  • Jay

    how much is it in regular price?

  • It’s like ebay where the shipping comes out to be $30, I guess you still save $2

  • doesn’t sound too good when a couple of dollars more lets me drive home with it in my arms instead of wondering when itll get home

  • Andy

    EB Games here in Australia have some pretty good prices, I paid $74 for the Starter Pack, $47 for a “nunchuck” and $67 for an extra Move controller.

  • Andy

    Doh, it wasn’t EB games it was JB Hi-Fi.

  • Andy, I just checked JB online and it’s saying $94. You sure it was $76? And at JB? If so I might go pick it up asap! With Sports Champions.

  • Yea, it is 76 dollars, but apparently those ones dont have sports champions..

  • mez

    I will never take Tesco seriously when it comes to gaming. Never! Amazon and Play ftw! Although good to see Supermarkets (in the UK) having a lower price than the MRSP not just for CoD games…