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The Last Guardian Trailer Revealed Today at the TGS |

Today at Tokyo Game Show, Team Ico released this trailer for The Last Guardian. They also said that this may or may not be related to their previous games Ico and the Shadow of the Colossus. The release is set for Holiday season 2011. New pictures follow the jump.

  • Eddie

    can not wait!

  • Holiday 2011! It’s going to be worth the wait. At least we’ll have the Ico/Shadow collection to hold us over.

  • Blackstaffer

    I don’t get it.

    I really really don’t get it.

  • Eddie

    @thus always to tyrants 😛

    We’ll have many games to keep us busy until then.


    Whats really to get? Very artsy, hugely empathetic character, great graphics, assuming great story. After those obvious conclusions, its really just up to the indivdual to like it or not.

    I’ve always personally been a fan of The Neverending Story growing up, so this game sort of hits home with that likeness.

    Its also easier to anthropomorphise fictional creatures so that you become very empathetic for them…at least it is for me. It seems to have (for the lack of better words) quite the “person”ality and the demeaner of realistic animals at the same time and I find that incredibly interesting.

  • Jay

    The only thing I don’t like about their games is they all seem so washed out. They need more contrast.

  • Blackstaffer

    Eddie: I don’t get the appeal of playing a kid with some weird relationship with a strange mythical hybrid cutesy artsy beasty thing.

    Jay: I agree with you on that (having play Shadow of the Colossus partway through).

  • Eddie

    @Blackstaffer : you just wrote off 99% of all RPG’s from your list of games with that description lol.

    -Lunar series – teenager, pet baby dragon
    -any FF game – Moogles, pet chocobos, Red XII
    -Jak and Daxter
    -Ratchet and Clank (cute animale teenager with cuter small robot)

    I mean the list goes on, but its very common for J-games (and others) to have a cute cuddly sidekick and to play as a pre-teen to teenager.

    I mean I understand what you are saying, but its not difficult for me to look past it. I mean its not pink ribbons all over so I’m good.

  • Blackstaffer

    Yeah, and I don’t play those games.


    I still don’t get it.

  • Love the art style, but agree with Jay does need to be more contrast

  • mez

    I don’t understand the whole premise, but still looks awesome! Glad tos ee more exclusives for the PS3.