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Vanquish TGS Trailer |

A new trailer for Sega upcoming sci-fi third person shooter Vanquish was shown at TGS last night. It’s due out on the 22nd October and is looking epic even if the voice acting seems a little off. Did anyone else feel like they watch the whole game cut into a 3 minute clip?

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  • Legion213

    This game wasn’t even on my radar, but then I played the demo on the PS3 and was really surprised at how fun it was to play. Now I think i might pick it up some time later down the road. To many game coming out in October.

    Sometimes they do give away too much in a trailer. However I usually find that there is more to the story. At least in movies.

  • Jonaskin

    I might grab the demo and give it a try I think.

  • Never heard of this game before, it looks really good

  • a new demo feat. a challenge mode is getting released in japan soon, hopefully it’ll land here as well.

    the graphics and action in this game look absolutely ridiculous. as in, -ly awesome. but yeah, i gotta be convinced of a wee bit more substance/gameplay variation before i pick it up in oct. otherwise, it’ll be a “down the road” purchase for me as well. how about a part when you get to fly a spaceship? that might seal the deal as it were.

    will it “go the way” of “dark void” or am i using far too many quotation marks at this point?