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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Footage Leak |

If this is anything close to what the final product will resemble, many FF fans are in for a huge treat. I’ll be honest that I was far from floored with FFXIII and my bleak outlook on SE games this gen is continuing to grow. Square…win back this long time FF fan and deliver this game as it seems you are!

Edit: Footage was taken down from youtube however you can download it here

Edit 2: Replaced Youtube video. I doubt it will be there for too long

Edit 3: Final Edit Here is a gif that pretty much shows the whole video other then fighting against a King Behemoth

  • pulled from YouTube due to copyright… damn!

  • Eddie

    I’ll see if I can find another….until then here is the download link for it. Its only 3 megs, very short but worth it.

  • Already looking100x better than FFXIII and this is an early build of the game I think.

  • thanks for the GIF…this is looking like a 1st day purchase for me šŸ˜‰

  • I want ittttttttttttt…..

  • I’m so tired of final fantasy they need to of something else already.

  • Eddie


    Iā€™m so tired of final fantasy they need to of something else already.  


    they have been doing something else, thats the problem…they need to do more final fantasy and do it right this time.

    FF is not a continuation of a series…all individual games with the name brand of FF. So can’t really say your tired of FF unless you’re tired of RPG’s in general or of SE.

    Shouldn’t you be telling your wife to push right now šŸ˜› lol grats btw.

  • I am so excited for this game to happen. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on it soon enough, and Nomura-san can finally get started with a next gen Kingdom Hearts game!

  • whywai

    wanna see the battle footage with his weapons swappin.. pls dun let me down this time.

  • Kicks

    When is this coming out?

  • Ugh I was so hyped for like a 5 min long video of game play and another trailer. I’m not sure why I guess I’m just pumped to see more from this game.

  • The trailer ends without a Only PS3…something tells me it probably wont from now on..

  • derrickgott007

    Looks alot like just cause2 with a character mod…. Hmmmm…

  • can’t wait for it to come out,
    better be good though lol

  • jacobfett

    i never got into that game but that one looks fun

  • Lan

    oh wow; I nearly forgot about versus Xiii