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Sony to Add 3D Blu-ray Playback on 9/21 Firmware Version 3.5 |

Via the Official PlayStation Blog 3D support is to be added to our PS3’s on 9/21 taking us up to firmware version 3.5.

I’m sure there will be some secret hidden tidbits in there to further block piracy 🙂


In addition to Blu-Ray 3D support, 3.5 will also add Facebook support to see and use your game information and the ability to report unwanted friend messages.

  • Oh here we go again.

    Oh look, Sony adding more support and improvements to a GAME console dealing with movies. This is a god damn game console not a blu ray player only. I mean where is the support for the games? Cross game chat (free) and more then 4 people. Where is the custom sound tracks? (Make game devs implement that mandatory) And it only does everything? Where is the support for my mouse and keyboard?

  • Eddie

    harping on additional functionality because they didn’t add what you want is counter productive at best. Should cross chat be implimented? yes. should custom soundtracks be added? yes. Should blu-ray 3D functionality be left out until they are? a resounding no.

    as far as m+kb..where is any consoles support for it? Its a game by game basis.

  • 3D movies.. sounds cool, does that mean I have to buy the 3D glass from SONY??

  • Eddie

    @Jack You need a 3D tv, a 3D move and 3D shutter glasses.

  • Hey, better FaceBook support is nice but I checked out 3D for Sony and Samsung at Best Buy and IMHO it’s ONLY good for gaming. Every movie looked like a pop-up book. Awful. But how did MotorStorm and SuperStardust HD look? Epic! MotorStorm looked like you had the best RC cars and a stunning minature track to drive on. Awesome.

    Still, I’m not shelling out that much money for a 3D bigscreen to upgrade my gameplaying. And cross-game chat and custom music playlists are no brainers. C’mon. I should be able to talk with my pals the whole time we are in an online game session, not just when we join the same race. Annoying. Run it in the background on the friends list.

  • This is great news. I know get to save money on a 3D player when i finally get a 3D tv.