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Zipper Details MAG 2.0 Patch |

Zipper Interactive has detailed the update for MAG which is due to be released next month. Details after the jump.

– PlayStation Move support
– An increased level cap that goes to level 70
– A revamped Skill Tree that allows for the deepest character customization and specialization ever found in a first-person shooter
– A brand-new in-game economy that lets you earn credits to spend on weapons and items from the also-new “Supply Depot”
– Our useful “Clan Deploy” feature that enables clan leaders and officers to queue up to 128 of their fellow clan members into a single game
– A “MAG News” page that brings players up to date on all the latest happenings the moment they log in
– A multitude of updates that refine existing weapons, maps, and vehicles
– Important bug fixes and other enhancements that streamline the overall experience

  • Very cool! I haven’t played much with the beta as I couldn’t get the character import to work, and I really didn’t want to re-start at level 0. What I’d really like are more maps. The current ones are breathtakingly enormous, but they still tend to get old. Also, buying the Domination expansion was a bad mistake as so few people play it, and Directives keeps putting me in that interminable queue (at least it does for my SVER character, though not for my Raven character — what’s up with that?). Anyway, Eddie, would you mind including a link to your source? Thanks!

  • I loved this game but many of friends did not therefore I traded it in…but it looks like I may pick it up again

  • Kicks

    I’m intrigued by the move patch for it