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New Red Dead Multiplayer Mode |

As you already know, the upcoming “Liars & Cheats” addon-pack for Red Dead Redemption brings multiplayer card and dice games to the virtual table, but it also adds a new multiplayer mode called “Strong Hold”.

Strong Hold mode offers capture-the-zone gameplay. The attacking team has to secure some control-points, the other team tries to prevent this. Once the attacking team runs out of lives or time, the roles are reversed. The maps also contain a safe that need to be cracked to obtain a new weapon called “explosive rifle”.

Following maps are available for Strong Hold: Blackwater, Escalera, Fort Mercer and Thieves Landing.

The trailer below gives you a better idea of what to expect, the fun begins at the 50 sec marker:


  1. Looks pretty awesome…now if only people played this game online i could possibly platinum it. Anyone on ps3blog willing to assist me platinum it?

  2. Looks great I havent played online for a wahile now though

  3. wow this looks awesome.i’m going to buy this add on for sure

  4. we need to get some more game nights going

  5. During the weekend would be cool.

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