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Fallout: New Vegas Dev Diary |

Obsidian Entertainment just released its first developer diary for Fallout: New Vegas, and it looks amazing. This highly anticipated game will be released on Oct. 19th in North America, and Oct. 22 in Europe.

  • i feel like all I do on this site is say how freakin’ excited I am. but I have to do it again. I’m freakin’ excited for this game. Fallout 3 was a blast. I can only imagine how much fun I’ll have with this game. I’m not sure I’m going to have anywhere near the amount of money I’ll need for every game I want thats coming soon though. I’m gonna have to sit downa nd prioritize my video games.

  • Oly

    I am afraid to make my list.. seems like something i want every two weeks from now till xmas

  • I agree I’m excited too. But like Oly said I have to buy things every two weeks

  • I can’t wait till Oct. 19, this game is going to be amazing. I have plenty of time from now to then to finish Fallout 3.
    I just discovered how awesome Fallout 3 is about 3 weeks ago, I had the game since last Christmas but just finally got an open spot in my game rotation to try it out. I didn’t think it would be such a great game, boy was I wrong.
    I probably would finish Fallout 3 alot faster but I can’t stick to the story half the time and I go off and just do my own explorations.
    That and I have to get all of the DLCs, they all look exciting to me except The Pitt but I’m sure they will prove me wrong again.

  • joes

    i’m gonna have to echo all these comments. never had a game with the replayability of fallout 3. i’m playing it now for the second time through and still finding completely new things to do. i haven’t even tapped into the DLC yet.

    wish they talked a little more about the specifics, but this dev diary is getting me pretty pumped.

    kind of disappointed with the pre-order bonuses available though. any thoughts on those anyone?

  • I’ll pick this up for pc when the price drops, I don’t feel that this game is going to be as epic as fallout 3 was (hence they don’t call it fallout 4)

  • jacobfett

    This is one of the 4 games I know I’m getting before the year ends.