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Get Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue Tonight, Free DLC Commands You!

Today’s update brings us Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue , the sequel to the first Deathspank. Those that buy it during the first week will get two pieces of DLC for free: the first is an extra dungeon with an extra trophy, the other is a sidekick for your adventuring. No price for the DLC has been set, but that info is sure to be made available next week once the promo is over.

Oly had this to say:
“This fun, addicting game will add “grenades, guns and bombs to be used in the search for Justice.” Death Spank one was a great game and definately left me wanting more. Chris Mitchell, DeathSpank Designer says that “DeathSpank: TOV was made at the same time as DeathSpank so we were able to take lessons learned on DeathSpank and craft an even better game with deeper adventure gameplay.” They promise a bunch of new puzzles “



  1. I was already planning on getting it on release day but I’m not going to say no to that free dlc 😛

  2. Ya it’s gonna be awesome… looking forward to the new Co-op guy as well..

  3. I never bought the game so I guess I won’t be getting the DLC, great that it’s free though.

  4. This is actually part 2.. u have to buy it, but whoever buys part 2.. gets the free dlc

  5. Huh, interesting way to do this. Oly post and my own merged into one. More pointsfor everyone!

  6. I wish.. u the only one that got points lol

  7. Only because I submitted it a seconds before you.

  8. Never Played the first EIther but sounds like a fun game

  9. jacobfett

    i loved the first one cant wait

  10. I like the style of the game. Looks like a lot of fun.

  11. it’s tons of fun.. played last night for couple hours

  12. Cool will have to check it out.

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