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Playstation Move: Sports Champions Impressions |

Victory Pose for beating All Bronze Challenges 
When you win all challenges in a cup you take a Victory Pose

Well, after a LONG wait at work to get home and play with my Move it has finally happened. As I mentioned before I picked up the bundle, plus the extra controller. I have got to say, this is the most immersive gaming experience to date. I understand Wii was the “originator” and I’m not hating on Wii, I love my Wii. But with that said, the graphics are incredible.

There is a slightly longer load time than with the Wii, however it is very worth it. I have tried out all 6 sports on the Sports Champions disc, and I personally must say I am very impressed. Table Tennis was fun, yet more difficult than the Wii Sports Resort. The Gladiator Duel was AWESOME.

Every game of Bocce I played won me 3 stars! I don’t know if bocce is a very well known game, I only know of it because my grandparents used to play it at there Jim Beam Bottle Club Meetings, and I have always loved it. But it is a nice addition to this game. I like the fact that you can spin the ball completely  on six-axis, including forward to make the ball go very fast.

Volley ball was a little more difficult for me, however it was very fun, and I did win, but with only 1 star. I kept smashing my thumbs between the controllers 😀 Disc golf was tough, it’s hard to hold the controller level, aim, and toss all at the same time. I think a peripheral for disc golf would be nice so I could judge how level i was actually holding my controller.

I have saved my favorite for last. Archery. In this amazingly fun archery game you are required to grab the arrow from the quiver, knock it to the bow, and then pull back and release the arrow. I went through 6 levels of this game without retrying, there is a skeleton level AKA “challenge mode” which proved to actually be pretty difficult. But the other levels were fun, and they seemed to give you a sense of accomplishment when you could smoke your opponent, 1050 to 0 😀

I like the different styles of archery there is with each different opponent. In Wii Sports Resort you shot an arrow at a close range and then progressively further. In Sports Champions, most of the time the position of the target is completely random. Overall I give this game a VERY high rating and think it is definitely a must-have for all Move Owners.

Game Ratings [Out of 5]

Table Tennis- ♦♦♦

Volleyball- ♦♦♦

Disc Golf- ♦♦

Gladiator Duel- ♦♦♦♦

Bocce- ♦♦♦♦♦

Archery- ♦♦♦♦♦

  • Is there a way to save the photo after beating Bronze without sending it to Facebook?

  • Yes, you can save it to the HDD and go back and view it within that cup

  • I loved the disk golf, was my favorite.

  • Jay

    how do you save it when you go back to view it? I wanted to upload to facebook, but was having some network problems, so I just saved it, but it wont give me the option to export to XMB or try to upload it to FB again.

  • I’m not sure, same thing happened to me though I was kinda bummed

  • Oly

    My kids saved theirs and we cant find em anywhere.. hmm..

  • EdEN

    Too bad that for Archery you need TWO move controllers.

  • #7 i dont need two but it plays better with two with the way Gladiator Duel plays . I ws they had soul calibur

  • bah i think if you just re beat the a tournament you get one again. and maybe if you just do the last gladiator of the tournament (rin)

  • Glad to see it getting a positive review, I think I’ll definitely be looking into getting one as soon as I get the funds together for it along with the game. I’m actually looking forward to trying out the Gladiator, Table Tennis and Archery from this one.

  • sam

    Well color me impressed with your level headed, non fanboy article.
    There seems to be this psn fanboy mentality that realism = more fun. wii sports resort is a blast even though it’s not quite as responsive as move.

    Anyways, i feel like sports champions should have had customizable avatars and online. There eally is no reason not too and the only reason i did not buy it. I always wanted wii sports/resort online and i had my hopes up that i would have it finally with SC. i think they dropped the ball and for it to come 4 years after the wii and not have these normal “next gen” feautures is a real shame.

  • i’m sp sad i need a new ps3
    mine broke down teo weeks ago. sooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaad

  • jacobfett

    cant find my picture

  • I want it soooo bad

  • Chris

    If you are trying to find your pictures and you only saved them, you can look at them when you click on the cup you’ve completed and press square to look at “victory pose”. Its cool and I was glad i got to track down my photos, but i cant figure out how to export them after it was saved, because i want to put them on facebook. Any help here?

  • Lan

    I can find my victory pose…anybody know how to delete the picture??

  • GregT

    Lan: I can find my victory pose…anybody know how to delete the picture??  

    Only way I found to delete a victory pose picture is to re-play & win the tenth round, take a new picture (hold your hand in front of the eye if you want it blank) and save & overwrite it.

    Sony created a game that takes pictures of people in their homes, didn’t provide a way to delete them, and didn’t think that was a problem.

  • MarBear

    @chris Thanks so much! My family was desperately trying to find our “victory poses” for so long! It was getting really frustrating. Do you know how to upload them on facebook if you didnt choose that option the first time?

  • Dom

    You don’t need two controllers for archery i use one .

  • Dom

    And cant you upload victory poses to facebook if there saved beforehand ?