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BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video |

A direct feed video of 10 minutes of BioShock Infinite gameplay has surfaced online, check out that lush foliage, bright colours and xenophobia! The visuals vastly different from the dark, damp interiors of Rapture but it’s a welcome change considering they have still managed to keep the same creepy atmosphere. Other changes are a roller coaster-cum-grappling hook-method of getting around Columbia and CO-OP plasmids!? The main character Booker DeWitt also talks instead of staying silent which might irk some series fans but it appears work well. What do you guys think?

  • wow.

  • Legion213

    Is the main character voiced by Hugh Jackman?

  • Iam not a fan of Bioshock at all, but this def looks cool.

  • people are weird in this game.

  • jacobfett

    i have never played bioshock but this one looks pretty good

  • I was speaking to a friend and it seemed like we came to a consensus that it is the environment you play in revolutionary, and not the gameplay. Bioshock would have been nothing without rapture hence a revisit to Rapture with Bioshock 2, left people disappointed mainly because that environment had been seen before (in Bioshock 1)

  • That looked ridiculously cool. And I’m amazed they have gameplay videos already.

  • This has got to be one of the best looking games Ive seen

  • WTF!? Its completely different from the other two. Looks pretty amazing and a bit confusing.

  • this is definitely game of the year contender. Bioshock 1 was just…amazing.