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CNN Move Review: “How Move is better than the Wii” |

CNN reviewed the Move and agrees with most the it is better than the Wii. The review does give a nod to Sports Champions and the Eye Pet, however stated that in general the release games are lacking. Below are some highlights, but read the whole thing here.

“Sony’s answer to the motion-control trend in gaming offers three advantages over Nintendo’s technology:

First, the controls are more accurate. The Move picks up motion more precisely than the Wii, and it tracks motion in a 3-D space — so if you step back while playing a ping pong game, the game makes your character step back from a virtual ping pong table.

Second, the Move puts you in the game to a greater degree than the Wii. Because it’s a camera-based system, many games on the Move can put you in the game. For example, you can see yourself on the screen in Start the Party and EyePet.

Third, the PS3 Move offers high-definition graphics for a more photo-realistic experience over the Wii’s standard-definition visuals.”

  • Andy

    I’m liking the technology behind the Move, and certainly feels its better than the Wii. However, I have to agree that the launch titles are a bit poor, I’m hoping that this changes soon.

  • Oly

    There will be alot of good ones coming soon.. Also, dont forget u can use it with Heavy Rain soon!!

  • EdEN

    Well, it damn well better be since it costs $70 more than WM+ and comes way after the tech on the Wiimote and two years after the tech in the WM+.

  • I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this. I agree though it’s going to be the games that show just how good this can be. Fortunately what they’ve shown the future looks pretty damn great.

  • “this isn’t your grandparent’s wii”