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PlayStation: The Official Magazine has Undegone a Complete Redesign |

Beginning with the November issue, PlayStation: The Official Magazine will sport a complete cover-to-cover redesign. This issue should be on stands by Sep. 28, but is shipping to subscribers this week. This first issue of the new design will have a “world-exclusive cover story” on the new Twisted Metal. Since I had the fortunate opportunity to play this at E3, I can honestly say that it is something you won’t want to miss out on. Besides just a  new look, PSM will have revamped sections, a new “directories” buyers guide section, as well as more comprehensive reviews. Look for it next week!

UPDATE: Open the Cover in a New Link for A Giant Sized Version!!

[tab:Press Release]
— *PlayStation: The Official Magazine Immerses Readers in The Rapidly Expanding PlayStation Universe* * * *Complete Redesign Offers New Look, New Sections And More Comprehensive Reviews*

South San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 17, 2010 – Future US, the special-interest media company, today unveiled a cover-to-cover redesign of PlayStation: The Official Magazine beginning with the November issue, featuring the world-exclusive cover story on the hotly anticipated car combat game, Twisted Metal®, published by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Releasing at the same time as the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation Computer Entertainment System, the redesigned PlayStation: The Official Magazine takes readers on a deeper dive into the entire PlayStation universe. When the magazine appears on newsstands on September 28, readers can check out the exciting new look and revamped sections, including a more comprehensive reviews section. Subscribers will receive their copies approximately one week earlier.

“In redesigning PlayStation: The Official Magazine, we focused on delivering cutting-edge content that reflects the PlayStation brand and its audience,” says Gary Steinman, Editor-In-Chief. “We will continue to provide the enthusiastic but critical voice that has been our hallmark. The redesign is all about celebrating gaming on the PlayStation platform with bolder text and more vibrant pages full of gorgeous imagery and compelling content. Our opinions will be stronger, our insights will be richer and our reach will be broader, all to provide the best guide to what’s important for the PlayStation gamer.”

The existing preview and review sections feature a more organized and contemporary design that takes readers on a visual tour of each game, with an expanded area for screenshots. The new “Directories” section is a mini buyer’s guide that gives readers clear insight into essential PS3, PSP and PlayStation Network (PSN) games. PlayStation: The Official Magazine also has comprehensive coverage of downloadable content and PlayStation Move, as well as lifestyle elements such as Blu-ray movies and consumer electronics.

The November issue boasts a world-exclusive cover story on Twisted Metal®, the longest running franchise in PlayStation® history and a multi-million selling series, found exclusively on the PS3™ system. The feature reveals new single-player details along with hands-on impressions of the multiplayer gameplay. In an exclusive interview, Eat Sleep Play, Inc. game designer David Jaffe reveals his unique vision for the game. The issue also boasts a Move launch guide feature, a look at the multiplayer component for Call of Duty: Black Ops and a celebration of the PlayStation’s 15th anniversary.

“Capturing the excitement of what’s newest and greatest in gaming has always been the focus of Future’s commitment to our audience,” says Kristen Salvatore, Games Media Publisher and Studio Head, Future Studios. “We know and love that our readers want the best experience from whatever medium they’re using to be the first- and best-informed on their favorite games. With the new PlayStation: The Official Magazine, we’re delivering the best of what print has to offer – a visually striking and editorially in-depth reader experience.”

Readers and advertisers can track developments and offer feedback related to PlayStation: The Official Magazine by following @P_TOM on Twitter at or visiting the Facebook page at

  • You guys interested in seeing the new design? I should get the new magazine soon. Post a picture if you guys are interested.

  • Oly

    u want me to post a picture to let u know i am interested?? lol

    I have a subscription as well and am going to try and give away a subscription here within the next couple months.

    Stay Tuned!

  • derrickgott007

    Does it have the original writers? They are what made the magazine. Back when it was a huge magazine with the demo disks.

  • Adam

    I just wanna know which TM are they announcing in this magazine.

  • J.

    This really does not look redesigned at all. Same recipe, perhaps less clutter and a new typeface? Still looks messy and uninviting in my opinion. All game mags have used the same style since the 80’s by thinking ‘more is absolutely more’. No surprises.

  • Oly


    I just wanna know which TM are they announcing in this magazine.  


    They are reviewing Twisted Metal for the PS3.. the name is just Twisted Metal

  • Oly


    This really does not look redesigned at all. Same recipe, perhaps less clutter and a new typeface? Still looks messy and uninviting in my opinion. All game mags have used the same style since the 80’s by thinking ‘more is absolutely more’. No surprises.  


    We’ll have to wait and have a look at the inside!

  • Does anyone else miss the original Official Playstation magazine?

  • derrickgott007

    I do sicsemper! Back in the day I used to wait for this to show up, tear it open, read the magazine on the porch and then pop in the demo disk.

  • Oly

    The thing is that now days we dont need a demo disc.. unless of course u live in the middle of no-where and don’t have this thing called the internet lol

  • I like the cover to cover design. Game informer has been this way for last year i think. Makes the cover art way more fun to look at

  • Oly

    got mine today!! TM gonna be awesome

  • jacobfett

    The new magzine looks good