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Update Your Public Profile |

Today I modified the time zone portion of your public profile. You have to select from a list of time zones in UTC format. There is a link to help you find which time zone your in on your profile page. I did it this way because this is a global site. Plus you can click on the UTC in a persons profile and search the whole site for others in your time zone.

Some other things I’ve added recently but are not required are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Various Social Networking Sites

If you enter in games in your profile, please enter the full title of the game. Don’t abbreviate it, makes it harder to find others that have games you play using the search feature. Also use a comma after each game.

There are 2 ways to search for other members with similar interests. You can click on links in their public profile or search from the Members Directory.

You can edit your profile by going to: My Account > Profile > Edit Profile

  • L/L

    The timezone choice won’t save for me. It keeps reverting to UTC 6.

  • Try it again, it saves for me.
    [edit: Looks like you got it saved to UTC 0 ok]

  • L/L

    Hmmm, yeah it’s UTC 0 now. Must’ve just needed some time.