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New Move Bundle Announced |

Oh, look at the kitty!Up until now, the only options for those that don’t own the PS3 Eye and wanted to get into Move was to either buy them separately (which costs $80 plus tax) or in the Sports Champions Bundle ($99 plus tax and thus a better value), but Sony has announced at PlaystationBlog that, starting this Friday (September 24th for those keeping score), we will see the release of this new bundle.

This new bundle will be exclusively available from Toys R’ Us and will only be released in the US and Canada. As can be seen from above, it will include a PS3 Eye, a Move controller and a copy of Eyepet, all for $99. There is no mention of a demo disc as is the case with the Sports Champions Bundle, but that’s not such a bad thing since you can get all the demos from PSN, but it WILL make a difference for those families that own a PS3 but don’t use PSN (of which, there are many).

As you can see, Eyepet is Sony’s way of getting parents to buy the game for their kids and, thus, have at least one Move unit in a house which could open the door for more of the Move releases finding their way into their collections. A quick way to describe Eyepet would be if Nintendogs allowed you to be in the screen with your pet. The camera is used in a very smart way that allows real life objects to be introduced into the game to interact with your small ball of fur and the AI seems to be solid.

Oly (hearts) this game and will surely help paint a better picture for those interested in this release.

  • Oly

    My kids heart this.. lol And I guess I do because they do.. Well my daughters anyway.. My son loves trophies so he has one of my daughters play it on his account lol

    IMO this bundle is great for the kiddos, however everyone needs Sports Champions as well.. It’s by far the best game designed for the Move so far. If I didn’t already have a Eye Toy when I bought my Sports Champion Bundle, I probably would have picked this bundle up as well as the sports champion bundle, because I have 2 PS3’s in the home and the kids can play on one with me on the other 😎

  • EdEN

    Yeah Sports Champions is to Move as Wii Sports is to Wii: it’s the best way to showcase the technology and allow everyone to understand what it’s all about.

  • Still on the fence with the move myself. But my kids would probably love the eye pet. Hmmm… maybe I just made my decision… No move… I’d never get to use my PS3 if i let the kids at it 🙂

  • They need to also announce something like Wii Play for the future titles…if Possible. I mean, I would love getting an extra Move controller and a game for the same price.

  • Why they aren’t adding the navigation controller to these packs?

  • Jay

    because its not necessary. they probably will in the future when the Move establishes itself, probably post-holiday

  • I’m most likely to get this bundle because of my kids. They played it at Oly’s and havent stopped taslking about it.