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Poll Results and New Poll: What Makes a Game Worth $60? |

Interesting results for the last poll. I will say, for those who do not play minis, you’re missing out on some good ones!

The new poll is now asking you what makes a $60 game worth a purchase. The poll idea is from Nash, and he will soon be getting his 200 points.

  • Lol 70 euros where I’m at…
    For this poll it’s not one thing only.
    IMO uncharted 2 is worth it because of the gameplay and awesomeness
    A good FPS such as cod4 or BFBC2 is/was worth it because of it’s multiplayer, and replay value, and awesomeness.

    So I’d say pretty much a game that has Multiplayer, that is unique/one of the best of it’s genre.

    Replay value is awesome but not needed.


  • Good Poll, I put hours of Gameplay really because I feel if a game is going to be long to play then it’s worth it but really it is a combination and it can vary from genre to genre.

  • Story for me. It can be a billion hours long and suck, still not worth 60 bucks. However it can be like God of War 3 and worth $60.

  • L/L

    Replay value can be related back to all of the other options, with High Production Values being sometimes the only exception. And that’s my vote.

  • Oly

    I feel a good mix of story/replay/length.. depends on the game.. some long games suck.. some great gameplay with lame storys are great.. like Just Cause 2.. story was ok, but replayability and gameplay were awesome

  • Thanks! I won 200 pts…but lottery won 250 pts. 🙂

    My vote goes to replay. I love playing through great stories, but I rarely go back and play them again. I’ve been renting games lately to save money, so the last game I got a lot of replay from was Rock Band. Sometimes multiplayer keeps me going, but sometimes it fails (COD:MW2). As long as I don’t feel like I “finished” the game, I’ll keep going back.

  • Replay value, story, and length are my biggest needs for a video game.

  • I Like games that have a little of everything. Im a huge fan of just cause 2.