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Poll Results and New Poll: What Makes a Game Worth $60? |

Interesting results for the last poll. I will say, for those who do not play minis, you’re missing out on some good ones!

The new poll is now asking you what makes a $60 game worth a purchase. The poll idea is from Nash, and he will soon be getting his 200 points.


  1. Lol 70 euros where I’m at…
    For this poll it’s not one thing only.
    IMO uncharted 2 is worth it because of the gameplay and awesomeness
    A good FPS such as cod4 or BFBC2 is/was worth it because of it’s multiplayer, and replay value, and awesomeness.

    So I’d say pretty much a game that has Multiplayer, that is unique/one of the best of it’s genre.

    Replay value is awesome but not needed.


  2. Good Poll, I put hours of Gameplay really because I feel if a game is going to be long to play then it’s worth it but really it is a combination and it can vary from genre to genre.

  3. Story for me. It can be a billion hours long and suck, still not worth 60 bucks. However it can be like God of War 3 and worth $60.

  4. Replay value can be related back to all of the other options, with High Production Values being sometimes the only exception. And that’s my vote.

  5. I feel a good mix of story/replay/length.. depends on the game.. some long games suck.. some great gameplay with lame storys are great.. like Just Cause 2.. story was ok, but replayability and gameplay were awesome

  6. Thanks! I won 200 pts…but lottery won 250 pts. 🙂

    My vote goes to replay. I love playing through great stories, but I rarely go back and play them again. I’ve been renting games lately to save money, so the last game I got a lot of replay from was Rock Band. Sometimes multiplayer keeps me going, but sometimes it fails (COD:MW2). As long as I don’t feel like I “finished” the game, I’ll keep going back.

  7. Replay value, story, and length are my biggest needs for a video game.

  8. I Like games that have a little of everything. Im a huge fan of just cause 2.

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