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UK’s OPM Reveals More About Batman Arkham City |

UK OPM’s issue has announced a ton of Arkham City info in its cover feature along with several screen shots. Here is a short list of some of the new features.

-setting is described as a mix of Tim Burton’s original Batman movie and a touch of Escape form New York with spires and graveyards swapped for alleys and streets.

-Batman can essentially fly due to a new gadget called the Grapple Boost

-Batman can slide and smash through vents, slide straight into hanging off an edge, you can dive through windows and over railings.

*warning there are some spoilers in the full article*

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  • um…hell yes?
    I’m so pumped for this game. Even looking forward to replaying Arkham Asylum before it’s release…
    Yes, I’ve planned it all out!

  • Really looking forward to this, Arkham Asylum is one of if not the best superhero games out there. Hopefully the sequel won’t let us down, by the looks of it though I doubt it will.

  • Same screenshots as in the GameInformer Mag

  • I didn’t really like the first one.
    I tried the demo, and it was kinda too PS2ish imo
    I mean I could duck all enemy attacks by slowly walking.

    I think I didn’t try it on harder difficulties and/or it might only have been the easiest level or something… I don’t know, the game didn’t feel like something new.

  • game was amazing and this is coming from a former doubter. I completely didn’t have any care for this game and ignored it. What I couldn’t ignore was everyone saying how completely awesome the game was. I played the demo and was not impressed really. However hitting a dry spell of games I decided to gamefly it and I was sold instantly. I can not wait for this one now.

  • Glad to hear Eddie! Aren’t those surprises just fantastic?

  • same screenshots as i posted before

    Also Catwoman is a playable character 😉

  • Oly


    same screenshots as i posted before

    Also Catwoman is a playable character ;)   


    I knew i had seen this before!! lol

  • Nice my girlfriend would love to be Catwoman. This game keeps seeming more and mroe like the greatest game ever.

  • Looks like a great game. I love the facial design on the Quinn

  • Oh God, I can’t believe I waited a year to play Batman AA. Such a great game, this one will be day 1.

  • Jonaskin

    The first one was amazing, this should hopefully be even better. The graphics are flat out mind blowing.