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The Perils of Clamshell Packaging |

Many Playstation accessories like Dual Shock 3s and the new Move controller come in clamshell packaging, Sony have used this packaging since the PSOne days and it has always frustrated me. My experiences with it has always been much like Larry David in this clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm;

I hope none of your Move experiences have been hampered by attempting to get to the controller after shelling out for one.

  • lol, love the sparks from the knife at the 1:35 mark.

    I had a little trouble opening mine as well, all I had at work was some crappy scissors, lol.

  • I learned the hard way (knife through hand) to wait ’til you get your hands on good scissors then calmly cut the seal off with any packaging like this…

  • I wound up slicing through my instruction manual.

  • Jay

    I hate this packaging. But with the Move, at least, it opened a lot easier. Knifed through the top part about a centimeter down and ripped the rest off. It came apart surprisingly easy

  • Pfft I never have a problem with that stuff. Been opeing up hundreds of todd mcfarlane toys with the same packaging for years. You would be amazed at wait a good pair of scissors can do…

  • happypeoplearegay

    I got my Move in a cardboard box that had a lot of wasted space. The box was much like the Starter pack box….. Maybe the Europeans got a box instead of Clamshell packaging….

  • Donovanf

    This reminds me of a NYT article about “frustration-free packaging”

  • Kicks

    No injuries or problems here. I just looked at the pretty picture guide on the back of the packaging and did that 😉

  • EdEN

    Well, you’re supposed to use scissors to open up clamshell packing. Now IF you’re going to stab it, at least use a knife with some “cut-it” power.

  • derrickgott007

    Clamshell packaging send at least 10,000 Americans to the ER each year…crazy huh?

  • Same for me but I usually make my hands bleed.

  • I’ll give you all a pretty great tip.
    Most types of this packaging can be opened with a can opener run around the edge.
    Feel free to send me Point donations. 😛

  • @sinlock lol, never thought of that. Works well huh?

  • Wow, the sparkle from the knife! Actually the knife deflects outwards, had it deflected inwards, he could have suffered from a real bad injury, it wouldn’t be funny anymore.. Lucky of him.. (Curb your enthusiasm has no written script, afaik, conversations are based on general situation, it makes the show awesome..)

  • lol… nice… ordered 2 move controllers… guess I’ll have to sharpen my samurai skills before they arrive 😉

  • lol… that video was great. I hate that packaging.

  • LOL, seriously, same crap happens to me xD!!