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Canadian Netflix Impressions |

Netflix is an online movies/TV shows store, which allows you to watch instantly (it’s their slogan) movies via online streaming. For a ridiculous monthly fee, you can watch as many movies you want, without any restriction, as long as you stay a registered member. When you register, you get the first month free (a trial), and after it’s $7.99 (CAN)/month to stay registered. My local video store rents movies for $5.99 each! As long as I watch at least 2 movies a month, I save money using Netflix over my local video store!

Netflix is available since last Wednesday in Canada. It is supported natively on the PS3, along with a few other devices: PC, X360, Wii, iPod/iPhone and iPad!

I’ve already watched 3 movies this week and I’m impressed by how fast the movie starts; buffering is, at most, 5 seconds.  The image quality is good on a HD television. I guess it’s somewhat a little better than a DVD, but it’s not as good as a BR-disk.

Also, when you rate movies, the service will know what you like/dislike and will get smarter when suggesting movies to you: It’s really cool! However, I wish we could see movie previews, this does not seem included — at least for now –.

The movie selection for now is okay. There are around 250 movies available and a few TV-shows. I don’t know at which rate new content will be added, but for now, it is a little deceiving.

All in all, it’s a great service and it will get better and better!

EDIT: HD streams looks like 720p, way better than a regular DVD.

  • Jay

    At least you guys got the disc-free version lol. We still have to wait for our app until next month. And our service is $9 a month lol, but we also get the DVD service, which is supposedly coming your way in the future.

    We also have thousands of movies and shows, so I would assume Canada’s Netflix service will increase the number of titles as well (probably just a copyright thing). Also, if you happen to come across an HD presentation (should have an HD icon next to the title), those can be near-blu-ray quality if you have a sufficient connection speed

  • Netflix on the PS3 rocks.
    Once the disc isn’t needed it will be close to perfect.
    If only the movie selection was a little better…. 🙂

  • derrickgott007

    What sucks the most is NETFLIX doesn’t take debit cards. I can use debit card as a credit card for everything else that autodrafts monthly why not NETFLIX? I will never be a customer till you change this NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Derrick — I’m not sure what the problem could be, but my Netflix account automatically charges my debit (ATM) card each month, and it has for the past two or three years. I simply don’t use credit cards any more.

  • Jay

    same here. In fact, I’ve used two different debit cards on two different accounts/banks without any issues

    EDIT: I meant to say that it was on the same Netflix account, just two different banks since I switched them

  • derrickgott007

    I don’t know why it won’t let me use mine? I have both mastercard and visa debit cards that our checks are deposited on..

  • it works great so far…wish the selection had more current shows and movies but hopeful that it will come. not issues with it so far very little buffering and not an inch of lag ever in all the 12 or so movies/tv shows streamed by my children. very happy that this is finally here.

  • just wanted to add to my comment that the only thing (other than a little more current content) is support for linux…maybe that will come one day as well

  • Jay

    Stick with Better movies. Everythings free to dowload directly to your ps3 with no sign ups. The movie selection on netflix (the canadian ps3 version) is shit.

  • Nice, I’m going to go sign up for this now…

  • I agree.. is there any way watch netflex without disc?

    SicSemperTyranis: Netflix on the PS3 rocks.
    Once the disc isn’t needed it will be close to perfect.
    If only the movie selection was a little better….