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Mortal Kombat & Prince of Persia HD Collection Box Art Spotted |

It’s been rumored for months that Ubisoft was working on HD collections of their Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia  games for the PS3, now it appears NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat will also be receiving an HD upgrade.  
According to a source in Europe the Prince of Persia HD collection will be in 3D and will go on sell this November 4th followed by the Mortal Kombat collection on November 18th.  Neither Ubisoft nor NetherRealm Studios has made an official announcement regarding the rumors.

  • HD + classics is win

  • Sony really is off to a good thing with this stuff. Not my cup of tea really…but there is definately a market for it.

  • EdEN

    Well, IF it’s 3 games for $40 with trophies (which they HAVE to include since this is a 2010 release) and online for the MK games (again, 2010 release) I might get them. IF they decide to charge $60 then they might have a problem.

  • I wonder if this is a ps3 exclusive…

  • dave

    Wow these trophies are very bad for people its like like a drug, people have to play games with them or its no good or they are like well I wish their was trophies, I bet 15 years from now people will have to go to counselling over their trophie addiction problems, lol people will go crazy if the cant get a plat. and thats a problem, and if your like well I wish it had trophies but I guess its ok lol thats a problem, I guess I’am old school and try to have fun and beat games and dont care about any of that stuff. I wanted to put that out here right here, right here on this blog.

  • i think PoP will outsell the MK due to the nature of the game – and is everyone now so scared of a new IP they have to do things like this? I mean, c’mon, the GoW collection sold well as release was close to GoW3…

  • Bilzac: I wonder if this is a ps3 exclusive…  

    I believe they will as long as they use the word “collection” but thats just an assumption on my part. I’m sure Sony would have patented that for games.

  • Jonaskin

    Wow, I know they haven’t been officially announced but that’s some pretty convincing box art. I’m all for these remakes, specially if they’re for games I missed on PS2, like the Prince of Persia/Team ICO games, or ones I used to love in the past (Mortal Kombat FTW)!