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Stranger’s PS3 Model is Vastly Improved |

Stranger Polygon Count Comparison

Not too long ago, it was officially announced that the Oddworld XBox exclusive title, ‘Stranger’s Wrath’, will be heading to the PS3 next year. I’ve always wanted to play it, but never got around to even renting it unfortunately. Anyway, the developer, Just Add Water, has recently unveiled the updated model for the title character, Stranger.

The model is a jump from the original polygon count of 3,000 to 20,000, using newer rendering techniques like bump mapping, as well as, of course, updated textures. One thing to note, though, the PS3 model is almost on-par with the 529,000 polygon CGI model (at first glance, you can’t really see the difference). Hopefully we’ll see the same kind of work done to the rest of the game!

  • i loved that game

  • Wow, pretty cool.

  • Never tried it but yeah the PS3 character looks way better. I mean I don’t know if I should say way better but more detailed.

  • Oly

    Def a huge fidderence! Can’t wait for this, Ive heard great things..

  • EdEN

    Never got a chance to play this game so it will be interesting to see how good the port ends up being.

  • I’m super excited for this game, love the improvements.

  • This is a great game guys, I loved picking up bounties. I think thats why I love red dead redemption so much

  • Kenshin

    Nice, nice.