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Check out modnation’s new artist spotlight |

We’ve seen plenty of videos of ModNation’s “artist spotlight”, where people like Kevin Butler, Ted Price and David Jaffe “create” their own version of a track and character(s) in ModNation Racers. The new artist spotlight is none other than Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and creator/producer of the legendary Gran Turismo franchise. You would think they would of done this months ago, since he is the perfect candidate for this spotlight.


  1. Pretty cool, like how he designed the modnation cart and costume.

  2. Kenshin

    Pretty sweet!!

  3. Cool!! just like mario kart~~ but in HD

  4. over 1 million creations already? I think they did that faster than LBP lol. Quite a feat! Of course, LBP has basically created the Play Create Share genre single handedly and are now well over 3 million and still growing faster and faster.

  5. Creating a track is very easy in this game. LBP needed much more time…

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