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COD: Black Ops Viral Website Has Been Invaded By Zombies |

A Call Of Duty: Black Ops viral website, , has been invaded by zombies, thus confirming their apperance in COD: Black Ops.

Besides that, (CVG)said today that their “sneak peak at BradyGames’ guide claims it’ll offer “a complete walkthrough to the gritty Cold War-era Campaign mode, tips and tricks to rank up in Multiplayer, how to excel in Co-Op, or fight back the relentless Nazi Zombie horde”.”

Finally also revealed that Edge Magazine interviewed Mark Lamia, Studio Head at Treyarch, and had that he had this to say, concerning Zombies:
“We continued to evolve [Nazi Zombies] after World At War – there was a dialogue going on with some of our hardcore community, and we were able to interact with the community and evolve – we did that with our zombie lore,”

Why Nazi Zombies? This is a totally different time period than COD: World at War, but perhaps there will be a good explanation for the Nazis.


  1. derrickgott007

    Played Nazi Zombies on WAW…. I still don’t see what the fuss is all about….kinda boring if you ask me.

  2. screw zombies….give me coop and spec op!

  3. Spec op would be way better…..

  4. zombie is better IMO
    There’s a new video with zombies.

    you can add/edit it in this post perhaps?

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