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Eleven Minutes of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow |

Here’s a new 11 minute gameplay trailer released today by Konami for their upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Reviews of Castlevania:Lords of Shadow ahead of it’s October release are extremely positive. It’ll be a shame if this gets overlooked by the gaming masses. A demo of Castlevania Lords of Shadow will be available this week on PSN. One is already available for PSN+ subscribers.

  • looks nice.. might download demo later!!

  • EnterTheTekken

    Welcome to the AAA directors club Mr. Cox. I am very impressed. This is exactly what I always wanted and dreamed of. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Thankyou Mr. Kojima. Thankyou Mercury Steam. I take back all my doubts. I should have never doubted you when you said Super Castlevania 4 was your inspiration. A million times thankyou for the fan service. I will never forget this trailer and awesome game. Day one purchase.

  • EnterTheTekken

    My GOTY.

  • dave

    Gabriel Belmont, umm said in the vid. it has nothing to do with older Castlevania games, so were does Gabriel come in is he younger or older? and what happen to Simon Balmont (Castlevania 1&2 NES) and (Trevor Belmont Castlevania 3 NES) and didnt Simon returned on Super Castlevania 4 SNES or was it still Trevor? If it wasnt Trevor what happen to him? if I remember right one of the two died somehow, but anyway back to Gabriel Belmont never heard they had a third brother, just the two brothers never said anything about it in older games if they have a baby or older brother, I guessing this is after the older games since its a newer game maybe thats why i never heard of him and set 150 years after Simon and Trevor, or way way before the older ones which would make him older anyway looks very cool. hope maybe the game or they might explain were he falls into before or after the older ones, as see above I was a big Castlevania fan lol.

  • dave

    oh one more thing, or they making brand new Castlevania games but still lol

  • game looks amazing….and I can’t help but feel a little Folklore coming out of this game for some reason. Which is a good thing.

  • so who has played the PSN+ demo?.. quick impression?

  • I love how the beginning of the video plays the old Super Castlevania track which I have very fond memories of when playing Super Castlevania back in middle school. Super Castlevania was a huge favorite of mine from the 16 bit era and the music still sounds great to me.
    Over the last few years action/adventure games have been slowly surpassing RPGs as my favorite game genre and this looks to be another nail in that coffin. If I could play an action/adventure game for 100+ hours then it would be my favorite.
    Anyway, this game looks amazing and if it plays half as well as it looks like it will then I can’t wait to get it. If I like the demo then I’m getting this one on day 1.

  • I didn’t notice a PSN+ demo. I’ll have to look for that.

  • Legion213

    That video was awesome. Between this one and the Tokyo Game show one that focused more on the story. I am certain this game will be a classic.

    I already got this preordered. Just a heads up. If you preorder from Amazon. You get 20 bucks towards your next game purchase. I did this with Halo Reach and so I am getting Castlevania for $40 with 99c release day delivery. I’m going to use this next 20 bucks for Fable later next month.

  • I really like the super castlevania music they had in the begining! Brings me back a loooong time. I still have the game as a matter of fact. This game looks really good.