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[PSN Review] Space Invaders: Infinity Gene |

There are few of us that remember “Space Invaders” being released on arcade back in June of 1978, as most of us here probably were not even born yet however there are even fewer of us that are not aware of the classic title that went on to be a foundation for video games for years to come.

Game developer Taito (the company that brought us the original in 1978) and owner Square-Enix have joined together to bring us this new PSN title dubbed “Space Invaders: Infinity Gene”.

A revamped, techno’d classic retro game with a quite a few changes and upgrades for nostalgic fans and younger curious gamers alike.

The first thing you will notice about Space Invaders Infinity Gene is that there are several ways to play it. You could run through the fast paced chaotic “Normal Mode”, try your hand at the “Challenge Mode”, earn some of the “Bonus Stages” or even unlock and play “Music Mode” that allows you to use music saved on your PS3’s hard drive.

Everything is earned through points. Unlocking new weapons, new BGM, new bonus stages, etc. Think of it sort of like XP earned towards unlockables. You have a level tree which is made to look sort of like what I would call a genome tree and branching off of it are each and every unlockable you have earned along the way.

Gameplay – 6.0

While Space Invaders Infinity Gene is literally decades above and beyond the original, its still years behind any other recent top down shooter. 99% of the game is a simple forward progressive top down shooter where you have control to move in virtually any direction to kill off the super fast paced bad guys. Occasionally the plane is skewed at a 45 degree angle or they add a 3D element to it, but over all its a straight forward top down shooter. There are several weapons of which only 2-3 are useful at all but it does add a bit of strategy to each level and sometimes after unlocking a new weapon, its fun to go back to other levels to which it would be more useful.

On higher difficulty settings, this game is unmerciful and relentless. Even on easy and normal I’ve caught myself shouting expletives on higher levels.

With the exception of the bosses and some enemies, the game is pretty much the same on every level. Dodge and shoot.

Graphics – 7.0

While the game is colorless, antiquated, lacking of any technological advancements in the past decade and not a far cry from great flash game, it holds a strong nostalgic, quaint and a “you can’t help but smile” design.

Sound – 8.0

Here is where the game takes off but follows in the footsteps of many downloadable shooters this gen. With remixed techno music, it adds a nice setting to the game and sets up a nice beat to kill some aliens too.

The X – Factor – 6.5

This game would be suitable for a $4.99 price or even push it to a $6.99 price but at its current $9.99 and weighing in at its tiny 91mb’s, I wouldn’t be able to help but feel a tad ripped off. While the game does offer some replay value for those of us that are a completionist, it simply does not hold up to even some of our average shooters that we can purchase for much cheaper right now.

Looking for a game to score some quick trophies? Pass this game up. The trophies, minus a few bronze ones, do not come easy.

Final Verdict – 69 / 100

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene provided by Taito.

  • EdEN

    Ah Space Invaders. Does bring me memories from back in the day. I own Space Invaders Extreme on the DS and after reading your review it does sound like it would be a great $5 game… which means it has to wait until it’s at a discount to be added to me collection as I’ve done so with ALL of my PSN purchases (except for Hammer of Infinite Fate for Brutal Legend).

  • I played the demo last weekend and didn’t have fun at all.

  • Darrin

    I’m surprised you didn’t like this one. What other shooters would you recommend?

    I *love* this game. The graphics are minimal, vector graphics, but they are so packed with imaginative variety. Every level is different and packed with surprises.

    I am seriously blown away by how good and how much content there is to this. There has been a shortage of great downloadable PSN titles in 2010, but this is at the top of that list.

    The “Space Invaders” brand is basically meaningless. This game doesn’t have any story or anything that really ties this game to the old Space Invaders. And the genetics lingo was pointless and annoying. But as just a challenging, creative, 2D shooter, this game is great.

  • I can’t say I didn’t like it, but super stardust HD, everyday shooter, pixel junk shooter, soldner x and soldner x-2 are all superior games in every way I believe.

  • @Eddie : Yea. I’m sorry for my earlier rant about this game, but I guess I was expecting something like Super Stardust HD (which I particularly liked), or anything else because I saw Square-Enix at the beginning.
    Anyhow, the game is not as bad as I said earlier, but it’s not what I was expecting.

  • Darrin

    Except for the Soldner games, I played all of those pretty extensively and they were all great. Soldner seemed to get a very mediocre reception, but based on your recommendation and the videos which look awesome, I will definitely get that one.

    PixelJunk Shooter is great, but I wouldn’t consider that in the same genre of shooting game.

  • now soldner are very very hard games. I use to be so good at the side scrolling shooters but man….I can not handle those. they are incredible in graphics and gameplay but be warned..they are hard at least for me lol.

  • Thanks for saving me 10th bucks. I would pay maybe 5 for this but for 10 dollars it doesn’t seem worth it to me

  • Once i’d downloaded and installed I was quite exicited but be warned, You’ll be doing the same thing over and over again (regardless of mode), but with a solid formula like this, that’s not a bad thing. its both difficult and rewarding. But the look can be a little bland after playing for a while, though.

  • Kenshin

    Classic space invaders is still the bomb.

  • I though the game was alot of fun and I had a blast playing it. I loved the techno music and it went really well with the fast paced action on screen. The graphics are exactly what I expected them to be since it is a game modeled after an Atari game.
    Although I have no opinion on the different modes of the game since I have only played the Normal Mode.
    As for the price, maybe it should be a cheaper game but I didn’t mind paying 9.99 and at no point have I ever fealt ripped off. Really there is no reason to feel ripped off if you played the demo because it gives you a fairly accurate picture of what the full game entails.
    All and all Im enjoying the game and I’ve made worse purchases than this on PSN lol.

  • i like this game on the iphone. not sure if i’d want to buy it again for ps3, at that price.

  • hobbes

    I believe this game really shows it’s legs once yous start playing the music mode, you load a song/mp3 and it creates it’s own level based upon the mp3 you loaded, i tried a handful of different songs and loved it.

    I think this is one of the better shooters on the system. I bought the first soldner, and dang is that hard.

  • jacobfett

    looks cool but i would never play it

  • Got this game on my iPhone, and it’s really awesome. Very addicting.

  • EdEN

    Only $4.99 thanks to the PSN sale from today until January 31st and at that price…