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Will You Tell the Truth or Lie? |

Truth or Lies brings the party to your living room! Put your friends in the Hot Seat to get answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask! The unique vocal calibration software lets you know whether or not your friends are telling the truth!

  • Get Exposed! Play with over 3000 in-game questions or create your own titillating questions!
  • Provoke Your Friends! Play with up to 8 players at once!
  • Tell It Like It Is or Isn’t! Get funny awards whether you are the biggest saint or the biggest liar!
  • Using a microphone and exclusive voice recognition, determine whether or not your friends are telling the truth. Get the party started with up to 8 friends and select from 5 categories: kids, teens, families, adults and couples.

    Are you a saint or a liar? Receive humorous awards for low and high score.

    Like their Facebook page and get $10 OFF

    • Hrm, interesting. If this is a full price game, I might have to pass. If this is $30 or $40, it might be worth it, after the $10 coupon for liking their facebook page. I might have to wait until this is on Gamefly to try out.

    • The game seems to be around $40 retail, so nice to get $10 OFF dropping the price to $30

    • Can the machine identify true/lie by voice?? If so, FBI should buy whole bunch..