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Sucker Punch Interview With Eurogamer |

Recently Bruce Oberg (co-founder of SuckerPunch) was interviewed by Eurogamer about the upcoming and highly anticipated Infamous 2. Many things were discussed even the possibility of Infamous 3. Here is what he had to say.

-Old Cole was changed due to the internet complaining about so many generic bald heroes. He was brought back by a huge demand. So many so it was easily not just the vocal minority.

-Graphic will be highly detailed due to the experience they had with the first Infamous. They are building the tool sets, using around 60% of the Cell and have been in contact with Naughty Dog for technical assistance.

-Bruce does not believe the game could be done on the Xbox due to how much they are giving the Cell to do.

-No 3D is announced, but the team has experience with 3D due to Sly.

-Can’t make a prediction on the games length yet since they are still adding stuff.

-Infamous is a Sony owned trademark as is Sly.

Read the full story here at Eurogamer

I can not wait to play this game. This is easily my most anticipated game right now….that is until Uncharted 3 is announced 🙂

  • Still no release date yet? I’m guessing it’ll be out during Spring/Summer 2011 since Sony has the first 3 months of the year locked down.

  • It was freakin awesome in the video when he picks up a car and destroys a whole tower with it. Also in the boss like encounter he was able to pick up two cars at once and sling them at the big monster. Now that is bad *ss boy!!! I can’t wait for this sequel, another must have release.
    Without a doubt the PlayStation 3 is on fire my friends!

  • Here’s to hoping they have Move support in there. Can you imagine using the Move to aim and different button combinations and gestures to attack? InFamous is a lot more forgiving than any 1st or 3rd person shooter so using the Move wouldn’t have to be as precise as firing a weapon, which I think is a perfect fit for motion control.

  • Jonaskin

    Probably my most anticipated game of next year too. If this turns out to be a xmas 2011 release (along with Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 at a guess) it’s going to be a great year for PS3.