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Watch 3D Photos with PlayMemories (PSN) |

Todays European PSN Store update includes PlayMemories, a free application that allows you to view photos in 3D. Since not everybody has a 3DTV or a 3D Camera you can also watch regular photos (as of today called “2D photos”).

Now it’s easy to explore and enjoy 3D panoramic images on your PlayStation®3 and 3D BRAVIA™ or 3D-capable TV.

PlayMemories is a new application for PS3™ that lets you organize and view 3D still images captured with the growing range of 3D-compatible cameras by Sony.

Available for free download from PlayStation®Store, PlayMemories offers a whole new experience for PS3™ users to view their collection of 2D and 3D photos. Select a picture and zoom in or out using your DUALSHOCK®3 or SIXAXIS™ wireless controller: it’s easy, intuitive and fun.

There’s a growing choice of 3D-capable digital cameras from Sony. 3D Sweep Panorama captures extra-wide 3D scenes: just press the shutter button and sweep the camera from side to side. Cameras offering 3D Sweep Panorama currently include the NEX-3/NEX-5, Cyber-shot™ WX5 and Cyber-shot™ TX9, plus the new α55 and α33 translucent mirror cameras.

PlayMemories is available as a free download from PlayStation®Store from late September 2010.

Now watch the vid below and try not to think of the photo analysis scene from Bladerunner 😉

  • doop

    hi folks
    i just started playmemories now and saw a great 3d pic pre installed there
    its the one, where you press ?4corner button? and get an other view by twisting the ps3 controller
    the online manual sayed its mpf format
    i whatched and searched but i really cant find more of that pictures
    may anyone in here help me please to find more of that kind of beautyfull pictures please ?

    excuse my bad english im not a native talker

    • MPF stands for Multi Picture Format, but there are not many online picture galleries that collect 3D pictures. I’ve tried looking for some other examples but couldn’t find any 🙁