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Little Big Planet 2 Beta Videos Continue to Amaze |

This movie and the following videos continue to amaze us. The possibilities seem endless, and this game is going to be a must have for every gaming fan, no matter what their genre of choice. Below are more videos, including a Turn based RPG, a multiplayer capture the flag battle, and a level called The Ancient Cave of New Beh’Ta by lous_85, which many consider the best level made so far in Beta. Enjoy!

  • Lol. Bad Jonny. And wow, @ the new smoke effects in the L4D level.

  • Oly

    yes.. and the Ancient Cave level really looks amazing.. i wanna play!

  • Yeah L4D one looks great. The Jonny one was kinda funny. All of them are truly awesome, the possibilities in this game are endless!

  • jacobfett

    i want to play that so bad 😀

  • johnny was cool because it showed you can make videos
    RPG one was AMAZING because of how much customisation LBP2 offers !
    Who would’ve thought you could do a menu and a turn rpg this is awesome 😀 !
    L4D one was cool because it had some nice effects.
    The cave one was awesome because it’s one of the more standart LBP type platform levels but is very well done !

    i must get it !

  • Oly

    I agree… i must get it………. BRING on beta

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