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26 Comments PlayStation Move Giveaway Winners! |

This was our biggest giveaway to date, we had a total of 52250 points in the lottery and 209 entires. Managed to get 1,120 fans/likes on our Facebook page, Very impressive! Winners after the jump!

Adam T
1st Place Winner – PlayStation Move Bundle

2nd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Controller

3rd Place Winner – PlayStation Move Sub Controller or PlayStation Eye*

4th Place Winner – T-Shirt**

5th Place Winner – $20 PlayStation Network Card

6th Place Winner – Points Refunded + 500 points

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the participated! I’ll be sending the winners a Private Message shortly. Keep earning those points we have more giveaways planned in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! For those that are curious, here is a screen capture of me picking the winners.

  • Oly


  • Congrats everyone 🙂

  • Kicks

    Congrats all
    sniff sniff


  • derrickgott007

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Oly

    actually congratz to u all 😎

  • skavois87

    congrats everyone

  • dang … oh well … congrats

  • Thanks guys.. 🙂

  • Congrats to the winners

  • EdEN

    Wait, Oly didn’t win! Are we sure this was done right?

    Do enjoy your prizes everyone.

    Shipping Emrah’s prize will be interesting hahaha.

  • L/L

    My hat off to the winners!

  • nice, congrats on the epic win guys [:

  • Big round of applaus for the winners!

  • Oly

    Told you all I don’t win everything! lol

  • Yay! I wouldn’t say no to the move controller, but this rocks!

  • Congratulations to all winners !!

  • Congrats everybody and thank you.

  • Grats to the winners.

  • Grats everyone and thank you for making this successful.

  • gratz

  • ‘gratz guys !

  • yodaddy

    congrats… and do work son!

  • Congratulations to the winners. Now tell me where you live so I can come take what was rightfully mine. 😉

  • Congrats to the winners.

  • Bah too bad I didn’t win anything.
    Anyway congrats 😀