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COD: Black Ops Customization Trailer |

The customization for the Call of Duty franchise just took a giant leap forward. They also discuss the use of the in-game currency and the emblem editor. Watch this video to get all the new exciting details.
COD:Black Ops is set for a November 19th release.

  • no coop, no spec op, no sale.

  • It has four player splitscreen! It has two player online splitscreen! It’s CoD! Definitely a purchase for me. Co-op is nice but I find it in other games. Spec Ops I didn’t think too highly of, myself.

  • Already have my Prestige Edition Pre-ordered.. but instaed of spec ops there is dead ops which is zombies

  • I gotta admit all that customization is pretty cool.

  • Oly

    2player online split screen??? How’d I miss that.. Added bonus for time spent with my son! I will miss the spec-op and co-op, but that was honestly a small part of the game for me..

  • Bunch of guys I work with are already talking crap in anticipation of this game…cannot wait!

  • This game will sell gazillions, without online VIP codes or whatever lame method EA is trying to use with BFBC2. EA, take note. (I may not even be able to buy BFBC2 map packs because of this sh*t, my VIP code is on my US user, while the game is British import, meaning I can only download the DLC from a british account)

  • jacobfett

    cant wait looks like one of the best games