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Media Molecule Praises Fans Reaction to LBP2 Delay |

When it was revealed that Little Big Planet 2 was going to miss it’s November debut Media Molecule feared fans wouldn’t respond in kind to the delay. Imagine their surprise when a majority of the fan reaction was very positive.

 “We wouldn’t slip a game to make it worse,” community manager James “Spaff” Spafford told Eurogamer. “It’s unfortunate, but our community has been really understanding. It’s great because we all feared we would get shouted at quite a lot. But everyone was just like, fair enough, I’d rather the game is better.”

Spafford also revealed that the Little Big Planet community has been very supportive of Media Molecule in many other ways. MM has been on the receiving end of biscuits and even tea on one occasion after Tweeting that they were out of the beverage.

  • Jay

    I guess it depends on the game or something as to whether people make a big deal out of a delay. Personally, I still think the release is still in a pretty congested release window.

  • I guess the majority of folks on the net who admit to liking LBP2 are the more mature ones. As opposed to the crazed fanboys of CoD or some such, who get pissy about these things.

    I can’t wait for LBP2, I already had it preordered! But I don’t mind waiting. It’s looking amazing already, I’d rather they polish it up a bit. Especially after the ModNation Racers release that was a bit on the problematic side.

  • This is totally crap, they should at least have the guts to come out and say hey the month is going to be busy and that’s that. A lot of great stuff is coming around that time so it’s totally understandable they want to delay the game.

  • Jay

    Luke: This is totally crap, they should at least have the guts to come out and say hey the month is going to be busy and that’s that

    You miserable bastard 😛

  • It’s possible Luke.
    OR we keep hearing about all these Move minigames, and additions they want to make. Not to mention the beta started not long ago, and they may’ve found little things from that which they want to mess with.
    I’ve no idea how far along they are, but I figure I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. And if they don’t want to have their launch dwarfed by the release of MoH and CoD etc, well, that’s fair enough, and I can understand. I mean, they’ve only been putting their all into this for what, 2 years or something?

  • See that is what I always saw as weird, the game was releasing right around the corner and then all of a sudden a beta? That completely made no sense.

    @Jay look what happened with Two Worlds Two. Oh we need it more polished, day later one of the studios goes ape because the game is actually finished. Why get caught in a lie.

  • Jay

    I think it was a mixture of the two. If they did release it on the original date, look how many other games were releasing in the same time frame (GT5 being a huge first party competitor), while they probably did see a lot of issues after having the beta, and might have been able to supplement those bugs with a patch around release day, but that’s knowingly releasing a game with issues (which is the usual result with rushing a game’s release to make sure it releases when they said it will a handful of months prior).